Maxpol is celebrating its 30th anniversary

Friday, 31 January, 2020 Food From Poland 37/2020
With the growth of the company, we have focused on solid yet modern constructions, on better and more effective presentation of our customers products” – interview with Wojciech Ryttel – Marketing Director, Maxpol.
How was the year 2019 for your company?

Time is running really fast , and we are already starting to work on next years of business activity on the market. We organized 53 fairs in total in 16 different countries, and sold 3 200 square meters of exhibition space. We cannot forget that for those companies, we also build stand construction.

Which fair events would you consider especially important and prestigious?

To this group I would mainly include fairs like ISM Cologne, IFE in London, PLMA Amsterdam, ANUGA in Cologne, SIAL Paris and Yummex in Dubai. Speaking of the fair in Cologne – the biggest world confectionery fair, they have had high reputability for many years, and each time they are more popular. Confectionery producers find this fair obligatory to participate. They need to see new products introduced to the market, trends from the biggest and most famous companies in the world.

The second most prestigious event is IFE in London, organized every two years is the biggest food fair on the Great Britain. At the same time, the fair is held in conjunction with the packaging fair for the food industry.

Of course, events not to be missed , such as PLMA Amsterdam – private label , which is becoming increasingly visited. The space for this event has to be booked year in advance. The biggest event , however, is the food fair ANUGA in Cologne, which takes place every two years, alternately with the SIAL trade fair in Paris. The exhibition space , is practically sold out on the previous edition. Fairs that prestige and popular got the queue of companies waiting to participate.

What about the trade fairs in the Middle and Far East?

 We do organize fairs in those destinations. For example the trade fair show Yummex Middle East in Dubai, MENOPE Natural & Organic Product Expo and SIAL Middle East in Abu Dhabi. The fair market in the Middle East is growing well. While talking about the Far East , we have to mention China, which is the liable market for Polish companies to exhibit. In China I would recommend the SIAL China Show as a large and prestigious.

What fairs are you planning to organize in 2020 year?

In addition to the events I already mentioned, we are planning our focus on Africa. We do see the big business opportunity for Polish exhibitors in this region. We have introduced to our schedule brand new destinations such as FOOD & BEVERAGE WEST AFRICA in Nigeria and FOODAGRO in Tanzania – we warmly invite you to participate. We keep an eye on new markets, that is the reason we are trying to prepare venues where Polish producers will be able to present their products to a wider audience.

Why Maxpol should be considered as the organizer of foreign trade fairs for Polish exhibitors?

Good question, but I think we should ask our exhibitors not ourselves. Our belief since the company established , was and will be the customer satisfaction. The steady increase in the number of exhibitors that trusted us and amount of long term business relationship we have, enabled us to obtain the recognition of professional institutions. Our success has been positively assessed and awarded the prestigious title of Trade Fair Service Leader of the years 2006,2007 and 2014. We also received recommendations from the Polish Chamber of Exhibition Industry of the years 2009,2012, 2015 and 2018. This indicates a high assessment of what we get from our exhibitors who entrust our work.

Almost like everyone, you have your competition, why Polish exhibitors are encouraged to select you?

That is true, we do have competition but the market of organizing fair was always crowded and competitive. This phenomenon does not occur only in our country, the whole world is occurred. We are not afraid of competition. While working with us, the exhibitor decides , which services we should perform for them – we do not oblige our clients to take the whole range of our services.

Although, our offer is very wide – starting from renting exhibition space, making the accreditation of the customer, sending the entry to the fair catalogue, the designing of the booth stand, till provide services such as electricity or water connection to the stand, ordering tickets, parking cards and badges to our customers. We also book an accommodation and plane tickets. We provide transport services to make deliveries to the fair destinations. W assist in arranging interpreters, hostesses and rental of conference rooms.

Finally I want to ask you about building the stands. How did the standards of construction and equipment for stands changed? Why 2020 is so special to MAXPOL company?

Our company is celebrating its thirtieth anniversary. With the growth of the company, we have focused on solid yet modern constructions, on better and more effective presentation of our customers products. In addition to our Octanorm System stands, we offer individual designed booth stands. These stands are build of best quality materials from wide range of MDF, glass, plexiglass etc. The trend of transparent and accessible to visitors stands makes design even more spacious and inviting. Our exhibitors are asking about such solutions frequently. Customer satisfaction is a mainstay of our company and we stick to it. Having a chance to speak to you, I wanted to thank you and the whole crew and readership of your newspaper “Food from Poland” for successful cooperation trough the years. The thirtieth anniversary is also a great opportunity to thank our customers for trust and longterm business relations. MAXPOL wishes you all great development, new milestones and successes not only in fair market but also in all of your ventures for the next years to come.

Thank you for interview and wishing you every success in the upcoming years for business activities at MAXPOL.

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