Agri-Food Market

  • The agri-food sector is the key segment of the Polish economy and simultaneously, the driving force behind national exports. The value of Polish agri-food exports in 2018 reached a record-breaking level of EUR 29.3 billion – more than 5.5 times higher than at the moment of Poland’s accession to the EU in 2004. Can we expect the upward trend to continue? What are the perspectives of Polish... Read more »

  • Year after year, Polish foreign trade in agri-food products is breaking new records. These results confirm that the agri-food sector is a key segment of the Polish economy worth investing in and promoting, both on domestic and foreign markets. Read more »

  • According to the Central Office of Statistics in Poland (GUS), in 2013, the growth rate in Polish GDP rose at an average of 1.7%. Like in 2012, the main determinant of economic growth was external demand. Inflation measured using the CPI Index was 0.9% y/y. The fastest growth rate was in the price of alcoholic drinks and tobacco products. An appreciation of the zloty, in relation to both the... Read more »

  • Quality in the era of market globalization

    Piątek, 24 października 2014

    There is no doubt that Polish companies compete using high quality products. Meeting the specified EU standards and possessing quality certificates significantly influences sales in export products. Read more »

  • Let's talk about trade fairs...

    Piątek, 24 października 2014

    The possibility to promote products in the international arena is undoubtedly, an important element in every business that counts on exports. During the 2014 SIAL Paris trade exhibition, polish firms are looking for possibilities in trade talks and to establish new contacts. Why are products coming from the country on the Vistula river enjoying popularity in the international markets?... Read more »

  • Polish products are loved and appreciated in the whole world, and often boast century-old tradtion, as well as exceptional recipes. Sausages, cold cuts, pierogi, smoked fish, pickled cucumber and cabbage and vodka – are the main articles associated with Poland, but the richness of the national assortment goes beyond the circle of the mentioned products. Read more »

  • Polish Trade Marks

    Czwartek, 29 września 2011

    Polish sweets remain stoutly popular all over the world, particularly the traditional products of unique character. A good example of these delicacies is carrot gingerbread. The tradition of baking gingerbread dates back many years. The most common is, of course, gingerbread with honey as its main ingredient. In the past honey was not easily available to everybody, so people wanting to enjoy... Read more »

  • Polish tradition and modernity

    Czwartek, 29 września 2011

    They have been produced for ages based on old, tested recipes, simultaneously applying up-to-date technology. Polish products, due to their high quality, enjoy large popularity among foreign customers. Internationally, Polish products are also distinguished due to their high taste value as well as still competitive prices. The taste effect is mainly influenced by the fact that our domestic... Read more »

  • Polish products on the international tables

    Czwartek, 29 września 2011

    In 2010, the condition of the Polish economy still looked relatively good compared to other European Union countries. GDP growth over the previous year reached 3.8% and in the last quarter it is estimated that it was as high as 4.3%. Despite the periodic effects of the crisis in Greece and the dire situation in several other EU countries, an appreciation of the zloty was recorded last year.... Read more »

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