• Feeling better, doing better

    Piątek, 04 lutego 2022

    We talk with Tetiana Gurnevych, International Sales Director in one of the most renowned confectionery companies in Poland – Wawel originaly established in Cracow. Read more »

  • Three decades of operations on the coffee and tea market – this year marks the jubilee of Mokate Group. A family company from Silesia is currently active on many foreign markets, achieving great success. How has the market changed over those 30 years? What challenges await coffee producers today? Adam Mokrysz, the President of Mokate Group, is interviewed by Wojciech Szeląg, the host of the... Read more »

  • The Polish kingdom of halva

    Wtorek, 01 lutego 2022

    They export traditional Polish halva to Greece – the kingdom of this delicacy. Their products stand out with high quality and a clean label. About success in Poland and abroad, the changing market, and the challenges of the industry – Marek Moczulski, the President of the Board of Unitop, interviewed by Joanna Kowalska. Read more »

  • About current trends on the dairy market, products’ innovations and main export directions we talk with Małgorzata Cebelińska, Sales Director at SM Mlekpol – one of the biggest dairy products producers from Poland. Read more »

  • The pandemic triggered many changes in consumer trends and pushed the FMCG sector to a major reconstruction. How to effectively meet customer expectations then? Interview with Armen Papazjan, Deputy Chairman of the board and CEO of Brand Distribution Group – an international distributor of FMCG products operating in 100 markets. Read more »

  • We meet right before the beginning of the 51st edition of the world’s largest confectionery fair: ISM Cologne, which will take place between 30 January and 02 February 2022. Read more »

  • Terravita!

    Wtorek, 01 lutego 2022

    About export hits of Terravita, portfolio changes over the years and challenges faced by confectionery producers we talk with Arkadiusz Majchrzak, Export Manager at Terravita. Read more »

  • About the development of franchise chains, the effect of the pandemic on supply chains, the quickly developing market of storage areas, and the current economic hazards – an interview with Krzysztof Tokarz, the President of the Specjał Capital Group. Read more »

  • With the growth of the company, we have focused on solid yet modern constructions, on better and more effective presentation of our customers products” – interview with Wojciech Ryttel – Marketing Director, Maxpol. Read more »

  • Julita Sipa, Export Manager at Brześć company, talks about the development of the family business, important achievements in 2019, simplified product ingredients and promotion of export brands. Read more »

  • The market is changing, and so are we

    Wtorek, 28 stycznia 2020

    We talk to Wiktor Sawosz, owner of the Brand Distribution Group, about the beginnings of the company, its continuous development, innovative approach to change, and expansion into new markets. Read more »

  • New chances and challenges

    Wtorek, 28 stycznia 2020

    Małgorzata Cebelińska, Commercial Director of Mlekpol Dairy Cooperative, speaks about trends in the dairy industry, foreign markets and export plans for the coming year. Read more »

  • We are talking with Marek Maciejewski, the Sales Department Manager of Sertop, about the beginnings of Sertop company, the product portfolio development and new sales markets. Read more »

  • Tradition Taste Modernity

    Wtorek, 28 stycznia 2020

    Uninterrupted production for 80 years, one hundred per cent Polish capital, unchanging recipes and taste – these are some of the many assets of ZPC Śnieżka company, about which we will hear from Sara Wójcik, Marketing Director. Read more »

  • “Currently, export makes up 10% of the company’s turnover and Wedel’s products can be found in over 60 countries. We gear our products to specific clients’ needs – for example, in products dedicated to Arabic markets, we have totally eliminated alcohol as a conservant” – interview with Maciej Herman, CEO at Lotte Wedel. Read more »

  • Our company is constantly growing

    Wtorek, 28 stycznia 2020

    „Today, Wawel is a beloved brand of the Polish people and one of the oldest confectionery companies in the country. It all began when Adam Piasecki opened his first small confectionery shop” – interview with Robert Okoński, Sales Director of Modern Trade and International Markets in the Wawel company. Read more »

  • Kupiec – buy a healthiness

    Wtorek, 05 listopada 2019

    The world is changing extremely fast, so does our lives. We work, socialize, exercise, do chords but also – we have to eat. People are more conscious about their health, which is supposed to be important for food companies. We talk with Joanna Małgorzewicz Export Director from Kupiec company about their expansion in the foreign markets and challenges that comes with it. Read more »

  • We are open to cooperation

    Wtorek, 05 listopada 2019

    An interview with Zenon Daniłowski, the President of the Board of Makarony Polskie S.A. Read more »

  • Polish chicken overseas

    Wtorek, 05 listopada 2019

    More and more people are trying to reduce the red meat in their diet – because it’s not healthy, neither for our bodies or our planet. Eating habits of our consumers are changing, so does the producers. We talk with Łukasz Dominiak, CEO of KRD and our topic is the poultry industry in Poland. Read more »

  • Polish Vodka – a guarantee of quality

    Wtorek, 05 listopada 2019

    An interview with Andrzej Szumowski, the President of the Board of the Polish Vodka Association – about the many benefits from protected geographic indications Read more »

  • A trustworthy brand

    Wtorek, 05 listopada 2019

    It should be kept in mind that the FMCG sector is more than the stores visited by customers every day. It also includes the incredibly difficult logistic undertaking – import and export as well as safe transportation of goods; first to a warehouse and then to a store. Brand Distribution is one of the Polish leaders in this area of business. On the difficulties posed by this job, we talk with... Read more »

  • An interview with the Sales Department Manager – Marek Maciejewski – about the development of export sales, new outlets and the offer of Sertop. Read more »

  • The greatest value of our products is MILK

    Wtorek, 05 listopada 2019

    On the dairy market in Poland and worldwide, global nutritional trends, and the greatest export-related challenges – an interview with Małgorzata Cebelińska, Sales Director at Mlekpol Dairy Cooperative. Read more »

  • Satisfied client is our priority

    Wtorek, 30 kwietnia 2019

    Interview with Wojciech Ryttel – Marketing Director at MAXPOL (fair services & organization). Read more »

  • Constant development is our mission

    Wtorek, 30 kwietnia 2019

    Interview with Agata Karoń, Export Manager, Virtu Production. Read more »

  • Fitting worldwide trends

    Wtorek, 30 kwietnia 2019

    Interview with Małgorzata Cebelińska, Director of Trade Department at SM MLEKPOL in Grajewo. Read more »

  • We are open to cooperation

    Wtorek, 30 kwietnia 2019

    An interview with Zenon Daniłowski, the President of the Board of Makarony Polskie S.A. Read more »

  • Interview with Evangelos Evangelou, President of the Board, Herbapol-Lublin. Read more »

  • Interview with Arkadiusz Majchrzak, Export Manager, Terravita Sp. z o.o. Read more »

  • Focusing on high quality and tradition

    Czwartek, 24 stycznia 2019

    Interview with Magdalena Azikiewicz, Marketing Manager, ZPC Śnieżka Read more »

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