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Friday, 08 November, 2019 Food From Poland 36/2019
The world is changing extremely fast, so does our lives. We work, socialize, exercise, do chords but also – we have to eat. People are more conscious about their health, which is supposed to be important for food companies. We talk with Joanna Małgorzewicz Export Director from Kupiec company about their expansion in the foreign markets and challenges that comes with it.
Nutritional trends aims to be health-promoting. Products of Kupiec company and its philosophy seems to fit in into them perfectly.

We focus on the high quality of our products by offering rice, groats, legumes, porridge mixes, cakes and rice cakes, as well as special products for people who  care about their weight and do sports. We keep up with the most recent trends in food, expanding our portfolio with new products and flavours, without ever ignoring the importance of the high nutritional value of our food. Our food products are of the best quality, which has been confirmed by independent experts with the “Proven Quality” certificate.

Our many years of experience provide us an expert look at market trends and allows us to translate these trends into our products. For a few years now, „free from” products have also been a strong direction. Similarly, as “functional products” that give our clients additional benefits in the form of a protein source or products dedicated to active people in the form of high-protein products.

Starting each day with the Kupiec products, we can have the opportunity to lead a healthy lifestyle. Our breakfast products have a reduced sugar content. Also, in our offer you can find a product line of porridge not containing lactose and sugar. This porridge line is dedicated to all health-conscious and people struggling with  lactose intolerance.

Our products provide comfort in a healthy form. Many consumers would like to have time to prepare meals. However, we are often overwhelmed with loads of duties and constant rush. Therefore, our lunch dishes can be a sure solution for all those who go on the run, but the healthy menu and the taste of tradition are still important for them. Millet, buckwheat, couscous and rice will satisfy you by providing fibre, protein and energy needed to survive the day effectively. Various mixes of vegetables and delicious sauces make lunch dishes not only nutritious, but also tasty. They do not contain preservatives or flavour improvers. Thanks to the handy packaging, you can always have your favourite snack with you and satisfy your hunger between meetings at work or before going out with friends.

You are present in the foreign markets for almost 30 years. Could you tell me about the international position of the company and its most important export directions?

Our products perfectly match the nutritional trends around the world. Our Polish care for good taste and quality contributes to the success of many Polish food companies on the international stage. Our export is based on stable fundaments. One of them is our strong brand, known for two generations of Polish diaspora, which makes us expandable all over the world by our countrymen. The presence in retail chains around the world allows us to develop private labels of retailer. Additionally, our products exceed the quality of our foreign competitors, which gives us an advantage on the market.

One of the most important export markets is the EU market. Our production is located in the EU, therefore, we focus on this market due to logistic reasons and the availability of our clients.

Another strongly developing market is the East, where our consumers discover healthy trends and are looking for high-quality products. We are happy that we can contribute to the development of the  Healthy Shelf  in Eastern retailers. Another well-growing market is the North American market, where health products are very well-ordered due to the size of the market and the variety of products.

How to be competitive internationally?

It means being an expert in its product category, offering also the highest quality, which is supported by international food standard quality certificates.

Our clients require from us to provide an ideal service, to be a reliable supplier who, by analysing international trends in the food industry, will be able to surprise the customer with a new healthy and tasty product.

Which products from Kupiec company are export bestsellers?

The Kupiec export hits are primarily healthy snacks in the form of corn rice wafers and chocolate-covered wafers using real Belgian chocolate. Many of our consumers want to eat healthy, but also do not want to give up tasty sweet and dry snacks. For our customers, we offer many variations of chocolate covered wafers and sprinkled with various additives. This is a fantastic and healthy alternative to sweets.

All our cakes are gluten free, which means they are a great product for those affected by celiac disease, as well as people who avoid gluten in their diet. Working with commercial retailers around the world, we know that our products can be found on shelves with healthy food as well as on regular shelves for our category.

Which categories from the offer of the company you perceive as the most prospective in the export market?

The product portfolio features a total of 96 articles in the product categories Cakes, Cereal Treats, Wafer Leaves, Grain Cookies, Oat Flakes, Porridges, Grots, Legume plants, Granulated Bran, Rice, Lunch dishes.  All product categories are sold in export. Breakfast products  like porridges are particularly popular, especially those that do not contain lactose and sugar and those that have an additional portion of protein. Innovative products, such as lentil wafers - high protein cakes, grow the most. One of the fastest growing trends on the international food market is the vegan trend, which is why products with vegetable ingredients will be more and more popular among foreign customers.

Foreign consumers – what do they value the most from the polish product offer?

Our foreign customers want high quality products, based on high quality ingredients and the so-called clean label, i.e. composition of products without added flavours and without preservatives. For example, our corn and rice cakes coated only with high quality Belgian chocolate have also additional ingredients like freeze dried raspberry, salted caramel, orange pieces or mint, which makes the product premium category.

In detail, Kupiec employs unique technology to ensure that valuable nutrients are retained in the products and they stay fresh for a long time without the addition of preservatives.

Thank you.

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