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Thursday, 07 November, 2019 Food From Poland 36/2019
An interview with the Sales Department Manager – Marek Maciejewski – about the development of export sales, new outlets and the offer of Sertop.
Many years of experience has allowed you to create a wide range of products. Please tell us about the company’s portfolio.

SERTOP Sp. z o.o. is a company with more than fifty years of tradition and one of the largest processed cheese producers in Poland. Currently, our offer includes processed cheese in a wide assortment of formats and flavours, a wide offer of processed vegetable fat products, as well as traditional products dedicated to the local market, i.e. fried cheese.
  • Processed cheese is offered in traditional 100 g cubes, 100 g blocks, 140 g and 280 g wheels, as well as 130 g slices.
  • We offer processed products in 100 g cubes as well as 140 g and 280 g wheels.
  • Fried cheese, on the other hand, is available in 170 g and 200 g cups as well as 2 kg blocks.
  • Our full offer for retail trade and the HoReCa market can be found on our website: Please visit us.
Which export directions are the most popular?

The development of export sales allows us to constantly increase our sales and to develop. Our products are frequently purchased in European countries characterized for many years by high processed cheese consumption: the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Romania, the Balkan countries have already been our prominent outlet for processed products, as well as processed cheese, for several years. The Iraqi market has become a very important and promising one, with its processed cheese consumption constantly on the rise.

That’s it, please tell us about the potential of this direction.

This is a very prospective market with much potential. Societies of that part of the world are very eager to buy processed cheese and vegetable fat products, the consumption of such goods reaches a very high level; therefore, we decided to find our place on this market. Our products have been available in Israel for many years, and currently, we have started deliveries to the Iraqi market. It is no secret that the political and economic situation in that region still remains very far from stable, yet cooperation with our partners gives us hope for constant development. Additionally, the Halal certification requirements generate certain restrictions, but this does not discourage us from developing our activities.

What percentage of your production does reach foreign markets and what products are available to foreign consumers?

Currently, the share of export sales in our total sales volume exceeds 40%. To export markets, we offer our traditional products, available on our shelves, but we also have adapted our offer to specific markets and are constantly working on maintaining the high level of our offer to our partners in those countries.

We can consider the presence of the Sertop brand on the Balkan, Israeli and Iraqi markets and the very positive evaluation of our quality at attractive prices to be our successes.

Do you intend to enter new markets?

The development of export sales allows us to increase the sales steadily and to develop ourselves. Currently, we are working on the introduction of our new products to export markets. The dynamics of our export sales records a satisfactory value. We hope this trend will be maintained in the following year.

Thank you.

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