Interview with Marek Maciejewski, Sales Department Manager of Sertop

Friday, 19 October, 2018 Food From Poland 32/2018
Sertop company produces magnificant diary products that have commited fans not only on national market but also on foreign ones. We talk with Marek Maciejewski, Sales Department Manager of Sertop about export sales, most successful brands and the essence of Sertop products.
Export production has a very significant place in the operations of your company. Which of your products reach foreign markets and what countries are your main recipients?

Sertop Sp. z o.o. conducts sales on the Polish market and simultaneously on foreign ones. The domestic market is already quite strongly saturated with goods from different manufacturers, however, our market position and market share remain stable. The development of export sales allows us to constantly increase our sales and to develop further. Currently, the share of export sales in the total amount of sales exceeds 40%. Our products are eagerly purchased in European countries, where processed cheese consumption has remained at a high level for years: the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Romania, as well as the Balkan countries have been our significant outlets for several years. Iraq has become a very important and promising market, with a constantly growing consumption of processed cheese.

What challenges do appear in the export of products from  your category?

Not contenting ourselves with the current level, we have directed our interests to the Middle East. This is a very prospective market with a high potential. Societies of this part of the world are very eager to purchase processed cheese, consumption of such products stands at a very high level, so we decided to find our place on this market. Our products have been available in Israel for many years, and currently we have started deliveries to the Iraqi market. It is no secret that the political and economic situation in this region of the world remains very unstable, yet cooperation with our partner gives us hopes for constant development. Additionally, the requirements for Halal certification generate certain restrictions, but we do not give up and continue to develop our operations.

What do you regard to be your greatest export success?

We have tailored our offer to specific markets and we constantly work on maintenance of a high level offer for our partners in these countries. It can be said that the presence of the Sertop brand on the Iraqi and Balkan markets, as well as the very high evaluation of our quality at attractive prices, constitute our success.

What is your advantage over the competitors? What is the essence of the uniqueness of Sertop products?

For many years, Sertop has taken pride in high and reproducible quality. The taste and texture of our products are strictly tailored to the requirements of specific markets. Our products, recipes and tastes are developed in close cooperation with our customers. We listen to their remarks and suggestions. Evaluation of samples serves as a guideline for the development of products to be expected and sought after on a specific market.

Can we expect any new products in the Sertop offer?

We are constantly developing and modifying our portfolio so as to adapt our offer to customer expectations. Currently, we are preparing several new projects. The next product to come is sliced processed cheese. We count on interest and positive receipt of our proposal.

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