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Polish Private Labels abroad

Tuesday, 24 February, 2015
Throughout last years Brand Products offered by Polish manufacturers have been enjoying a great success not only on the domestic market, but also among foreign consumers. This trend progresses today, therefore it is essential to know remarkable offer of Polish products.
The Agros-Nova Capital Group is the largest processor of fruits and vegetables in Poland. It is also a leading manufacturer in the food industry with brands with a huge recognition on the market: Łowicz, Fortuna, Tarczyn, Garden, Pysio, DrWitt, Krakus, Kotlin, Włoclawek, Fruktus. In our range we offer 170 products including: juices, nectars, fruit juices, carrot and fruit juices, vegetable juices, jams, fruit syrups, preserves, plum confection, cranberry and huckleberry preserves, ready made sauces, tomato concentrates, pickles, canned vegetables and ready soups in cartons. Our products have received many distinctions which confirm their high quality and healthiness and excellent taste. They are all 100% natural, and contain no preservatives or artificial colours.

Agros-Nova employs almost 1,500 people and has a presence in several market segments, in which has a leading place. We own three efficient and modern production plants: in Łowicz, Tymienice and Włocławek, where we apply world-class technologies. Every plant has its own storage facility.
Jantoń manufactures private label products working directly with retail chains in Poland as well as in the world, such as Eurocash, Jeronimo Martins Distribution, Carrefour, Makro, Polomarket, Intermarche, and private labels produced for these partners are an important part in the company's turnover. With the diversification of packaging: TETRA PAK, PET bottles, glass bottles with various capping systems and capacities, as well as due to cooperation with reputable suppliers of components, we are able to deliver a product that meets all the expectations of our consumers. The wide range of products include products with an alcohol content of between 4.5% and 21%. With the development of our company, the number of private label products increased and now these include products such as wines, mulled wines and alcoholic beverages.

At the end of 2013 Jantoń company introduced cider made from apples grown in Poland and in the first quarter of this year it supplemented its portfolio with a line called Taste the World. Both ciders as well as ready-made drinks such as Pina Colada or Mango Colada are known throughout the world and it is these very products that Jantoń sees as being successful in terms of sales in the near future.

Colian is primarily a manufacturer of branded confectionery products, however in today’s world private label products account for an important part of the company’s business. Currently, the market interest in private label products is very large, that is why the company makes a continuous effort to adapt to the expectations of consumers. Colian's offer is fairly extensive, the portfolio include a broad, complementary range of confectionery products – from impulse purchase wafers, family wafers through gummy candies, chocolate bars, chocolate biscuits to pralines. But this isn't all of it yet! The confectionery offer is supplemented with a whole range of culinary products – from mono spices,mixtures and fixes through to drinks – carbonated, non-carbonated or aseptic drinks.
The main feature of Colian products is high quality and the manufacturing process based on traditional recipes. Another advantage is no doubt the flexibility of the company that largely seeks to meet the needs of the consumer. Colian cooperates with the largest retail chains in the country and overseas.

Confectionery Cooperative of the Disabled SLOWIANKA produces confectionery products since 1954 and for over 15 years it has Private Label products in its offer. Own Brand Products offered by SLOWIANKA are delivering to the three large retail chains in Poland. SLOWIANKA produce a wide range of sweets targeted at people of all ages. Private Label offers filled caramels, hard caramels and biscuits like sandwich biscuits. All of mentioned products are produce in many flavors and different tastes. SLOWIANKA in addition to advanced network of distribution in Poland has also big experience in export. Company’s products can be try in Europe, Africa and Asia. Through participation in international fairs such as: SIAL CHINA, SIAL MIDDLE EAST, ANUGA, SIAL PARIS, WORLD FOOD MOSCOW, DIAZAGRO and FOOD EXPO in HONG KONG and DENMARK company expanding its customer base overseas and still actively developing its export. Due to the high activity and actions to promote company products SLOWIANKA still increase numbers of foreign customers.

Bogutti Ltd is a modern and dynamically developing company, which, since the day it was created, has focused on producing high quality products. Bogutti Ltd offers biscuits stuffed with semi-liquid cream (La Gustosa Crema, TweeTT 150g), Butter Cookies, American Cookies with filling (Choco-Gutti 160g), Chocolate Chip Cookies, Nutritional cookies with oats & cornflakes (Choco - Fit 135g), Milk, Choco and Butter Fudges.
Years of experience makes Bogutti Ltd capable of offering its customers comprehensive private label solutions today. With an individual approach to each of our clients, the company is able to guarantee high-quality products that will satisfy and meet market expectations. The company creates its full assortment starting with the concept or idea, through to the recipes, packaging, up to bringing the finished product to the shelf.
The Bogutti Ltd team comprises people with great knowledge of the FMCG market. Their every action is dominated by commitment and passion, which guarantees excellent cooperation. The quality of products is guaranteed by the highest quality raw materials from reliable suppliers. Bogutti Ltd invites for cooperation all companies interested in creating their private label products or distributing an existing brand. Our sales department is constantly expanding the distribution network of Bogutti Ltd products.
It is the consumer that is of greatest value to our company and that is why particular attention is paid to raw materials from which our products are manufactured. Bogutti Ltd cooperates only with reliable and proven suppliers. All materials feature the necessary certificates to ensure consistently high quality. The company works with the best to provide the best quality products. Suppliers are long-term, proven partners with extensive experience. They are the guarantee of the excellence of Bogutti cakes. The shared experiences result in the high quality products being prepared paying attention to every, even the smallest detail. The common value and the goal of the company is a satisfied customers.

TAGO has been on the market since 1966 and it is one of the biggest production plants of confectionery products in Poland. It offers a rich selection of cookies, including but not limited to, puff pastry cookies, cocktail biscuits, gingerbread, wafer biscuits and stick wafers, sponge rolls and sponge cakes, cookies of any type and luxury products in chocolate. A distinctive feature of TAGO is their care of the highest quality and unique taste of their products. TAGO pays also attention to functionality of the packaging. As one of the first companies, TAGO applied an innovative easy open/re-close system that allows for maintaining product quality longer. Products that are worth recommending are: Tagers wafer biscuits covered with delicious dark chocolate and Tago Choco Czoks, cocktail biscuits covered with dark chocolate or milk chocolate in various flavours. The hit from the puff pastry product line are puff pastry pretzels with butter and Wiktorki. We created the special Tago Kids product line for our youngest clients. The offer of that line includes: cocktail biscuits Łatki, custard creams Oletki and wafer biscuits in milk chocolate Tagerki.
TAGO exports its products to nearly 50 countries all over the world. Most of their new products are shown at the fairs in Cologne, Dubai, Amsterdam and in some other places. TAGO holds a quality management certificate ISO 9001:2008 and ISO 22000:2005/ IFS/ BRC.

The ANITA Company is one of the leading enterprises in the ice cream and frozen food industry in Poland. The comany’s main activity is the production of ice cream, with an additional activity in the production of frozen convenience foods, such as potato dumplings with filling and Polish-style dumplings called pierogi.ANITA manufactures its own products under a few brand names.
The Cafe Morani brand is designed for dairy ice cream and some premium ice cream. The Anita brand is dedicated to standard-line products. For 15 years we have been supporting chain stores in the creation of their own private labels. We have earned the trust of companies such as Jeronimo Martins Polska (Biedronka), Carrefour, Netto, Kaufland, Tesco, Aldi, Intermarche, and Rivona (Norfa).
ANITA has its own distribution network across all of Poland and provides its own logistics services to wholesale companies and chain stores. The Company is aided organizationally by the ISO 22000 food safety management system requirements as well as the International Food System, version 6. More information about the firm and its products can be found at

The history of Zakłady Mięsne Pekpol Ostrołęka dates back 40 years. Since the beginning of its operation, the company has been one of the biggest industry plants in Poland.
Along with the transformation of the economic and political system in our country, our plant has been greatly improved, and the whole production process automated. In order to compete with companies operating in Europe, new technologies were introduced and adapted to the requirements of the European Union. The use of modern technology is now the key element of the company's strategy. Creating an efficient machine park helped us to design and implement a completely new production cycle. Currently, Zakłady Mięsne Pekpol Ostrołęka, have well-developed machinery, which includes: downstream slicing line for cutting red meat, meats slicing line, packaging line for packing products in cartons.
The modernization and introduction of new technologies is not the only factor that determined the success of Zakłady Mięsne Pekpol Ostrołęka. An important element is to preserve the tradition and perennial recipes. Most products are continuously made based on proven and unchanging recipes. The company currently produces 120 product items. The range of products is vast and includes: smoked meats, thin sausages, thick sausages, frankfurters, offal meats and delicatessen, block products. The flagship products are the "Paryżanki" sausages, which were twice awarded with the prestigious Consumer Laurel "Best in Poland", as well as products included in the Oak Pantry line, Oak ham, Pantry Kabanosy, hunter's sausage, juniper sausage, and dry Krakow sausage.
Our product offer is adapted to the changing market and consumer needs. Products are packaged in the form convenient for the customer: map, vac, catering packaging, cartons.
Zakłady Mięsne "Pekpol Ostrołęka" continues to improve. This is confirmed BRC, IFS and ISO 22000 relating to the food safety management system.

Politan is a household products manufacturer, that prepared wide range of products for different purposes. We have had almost 30 years of extensive market experience in hard work aimed at providing the best product possible. Amongst many professional products, the household products manufacturer offers i.e. aluminium trays, roasting bags, roasting sleeve, safety clips, baking paper, ice cube bags, alufoils and many more. We excel in producing the best products of the highest durability with numerous, universal applications. Customer is central to our development strategy. Thanks to our customers we have inspirations to provide proprietary solutions for the industry of products for fast moving household products (FCMG).

DELICPOL has huge experience in production under private label.  We are a leader in jaffa cakes private label manufacturing. Our goods are produced for the biggest retail chains all over the world. Our biscuits meets customer expectations in Europe, North America, Australia and Asia. In Delicpol’s Private label offer you can find sponge cakes, gingerbreads, jaffa cakes, shortbreads, breakfast biscuits and other.
Our goods are aesthetical and interesting packed in compliance with European standards. We produce under ISO 9001:2000 quality system and ISO 14001, ISO18001, HACCP and BRC.

The Bałtyk Company is part of the Bomilla Group, a company located in Włocławek, Poland, which in 2005 purchased Bałtyk Company from the world famous Fazer. Nowadays it is a modern company that carries on its eminent tradition.
We implemented an investment which allowed to broaden our range of products with single twist pralines. Discover the treasure of “Baltic sea” unique candies with liquid alcohol filling hidden under delicate sugar shell and smooth layer of delicious chocolate in a new favour – Vodka. The Tesori Pralines are available in four unique flavours: Latte, Coconut, Advocat and Cherry.  In addition, the Bałtyk company introduced  to the market a new box of chocolate which contains chocolates filled with a Cranberry – flavoured liquer. You can enjoy our sweets in many countries, where they are exported.

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