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Friday, 26 January, 2024 Food From Poland 42/2024
The TRANSAD company was established in 2006; ever since, we have met the requirements of our Customers to the greatest care and extent possible. With the experience we have gained over all those years in the TSL industry, we can say with full responsibility that we focus on quality and professionalism. For many years, we have worked for the effects that are now plain to see.
Currently, we are able to adapt to almost every Customer, offering top-quality services and an individual approach to needs and requirements.

We care for our fleet to be state-of-the-art all the time and to meet the highest standards. We complement and improve our team on an ongoing basis so they can always be fully flexible and self-contained in the fulfillment of the tasks they have been entrusted with. We can offer top-level cooling transport, adapting to individual requirements. Our offer includes specialist types of cooling semi-trailers, from standard ones to multi-temperature or double-floor semitrailers.

Since the inception of our operations, we have been setting new goals for ourselves, setting the bar higher and higher, to motivate ourselves for constant development and search for new solutions. Closely watching the market and the realities set for us by our customers, we have started dynamic development of one of the transportation branches, namely, groupage transport. There are just a handful of companies which take on the challenge of organizing such special kinds of shipments, especially as far as part of the load at a controlled temperature are concerned.

Facing the prospects of a new challenge, we have decided to improve the tools we have been working with so far. At a very quick rate, we have adapted storage areas for handling and confectioning of products, with simultaneous continued preservation of the cold chain that will in no way affect the product quality. Watching the world, our competitors, and the experience of our employees, we have balanced the entire system to adapt and select the best options to fully satisfy the expectations of our customers. A modern warehouse furnished with ramps, insulated sleeves, specialist loading equipment for all kinds of goods, as well as different forms of cargo protection – from standard locking rods to anti-slip mats to heat-shrink films, edge protectors, protective liners. Each time when a new way to secure transported materials appears, we strive to test it with our own fleet in order to introduce it into a wider circulation and to propose additional solutions to our customers.

Although we set the bars high for ourselves with regard to development, our contractors motivate us additionally, by searching for solutions together and with their trust in a company providing the highest value available on the market. We never shy away from problems or challenges; quite the opposite, we always strive to seek solutions together. Conducting a “win-win” corporate policy from the very beginning, we have never been oriented exclusively to our own good or the satisfaction of our needs. It is worth bending your everyday principles in order to work for the sake of common satisfaction. With our search for solutions, we broaden our knowledge and experience, to share with our customers and to be even more competitive.


Today, it is not hard to buy a car, to hire a driver, to take up an order and to drive ahead; yet there are few “ambitious” companies, setting themselves new challenges and willing to continue their development. In our small employee team, there is surely no lack of commitment or desire for development, both personal and of the entire company. We are aware that we act for the sake of a common future. Both in contact with customers and between each other, we focus on friendly, almost family-like relations. Time spent together, not only within the limits of professional contact, helps us strengthen the ties, consolidate the attachment, stability and conviction, and boost the confidence that nothing is impossible and the sky is the limit.

We do not give in to principles prevailing at corporations where every person becomes a robot, ceasing to be a human being, empathic and helpful. With our openness, devotion and intentions, we largely focus on relations. The relations with our customers have been developed for years; at some point, the business vs. business limits blur and we transcend to the level of friends, which helps us deepen the mutual trust. When we are able to count on each other in every situation, the customer is certain we will always provide advice and a common solution to a problem. We also often participate in problems as consultants, even if we have not been involved in any of the logistic components. Such joint action strengthens the ties even tighter and allows us to spread our wings.

We can boast a list of customers who have cooperated with us for many years, have never been disappointed with us and wish to continue the cooperation, involving us in new projects and recommending our services to their own contractors.

We are surely open to new experiences and further development in the transport and logistic industry.



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