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Wednesday, 24 January, 2024 Food From Poland 42/2024
Mastermedia is one of the largest exporters of food products in Poland. The owners Katarzyna Zdybicka-Wójciak, Paweł Wójciak and Grzegorz Cioczek talk about the nature of the company and its plans for the future.
What exactly does Mastermedia do?

“We specialise in exporting food products from Europe, including Poland, to various markets around the world. We deliver high-quality European products directly to our customers. From independent shops to the largest wholesalers” says Katarzyna Zdybicka-Wójciak.

“Expansion beyond the country’s borders in cooperation with Mastermedia is an opportunity for many Polish and European producers to continue their dynamic growth. We cooperate with the best manufacturers and suppliers from Poland and other European countries. Our offer includes more than 12,000 assortment items across all food categories. Our suppliers include more than 350 food producers, so there is certainly plenty to choose from” adds Grzegorz Cioczek.

What makes you different?

“Certainly the fact that we operate flexibly. For example. With us, you can order a cross-section of different products on one pallet. This is particularly important when our customers are looking for new products they would like to introduce into their range, and ordering full pallets runs the risk of waste. We provide a comprehensive service, an online ordering system and support with customs processes” Paweł Wójciak explains.

“As a distributor, we have our own warehouse facilities in Poland and Europe, which we are currently extending. Our offer includes international brands as well as regional products. We offer the products that consumers are looking for. Our range is growing and growing smartly. We offer what will then find its way into the shopper’s basket” Grzegorz Cioczek adds.

Which foreign markets do you reach? Will you be expanding your network of contacts and countries served?

“We supply European groceries all over the world. European countries are a natural destination for us, both within the European Union and in other countries (e.g. we regularly sell to Norway and Switzerland). We aim to continually expand the geography of our operations. We adapt efficiently to the specifics of the market and the needs of local customers. Expansion and opening new markets is a constant part of our recipe for growth” says Katarzyna Zdybicka-Wójciak.

Who can benefit from your offer? Can smaller entrepreneurs also count on cooperation?

“We are open to cooperation with any entrepreneur. There are no one-size-fits-all solutions in distribution. And we like challenges. Mastermedia supplies shops and retail outlets, regardless of their scale. Regardless of size, we will prepare a suitable cooperation option. We also cooperate with wholesalers who sell products in large quantities, as well as with trading partners who help deliver goods to the final consumer” Paweł Wójciak explains.

How do you secure the supply chain and transport of products requiring special storage conditions?

“Our stable supply chain and our own warehouses guarantee that each product arrives in perfect condition, meeting the highest European standards. We have high storage warehouses (Lublin and Poznań) and trans-shipment warehouses located in Western Europe. All are equipped with cold stores (Southall, Sheffield, Glasgow, De Meern, Dublin, Niederkruchten). In the past year, we have almost doubled the area of the warehouse park at Poznań Airport. This year we are opening four new transshipment warehouses abroad and a new, larger high-bay warehouse in Lublin” replies Grzegorz Cioczek.

“Efficient management of the growing volume of logistics activities provides our customers with high-quality services on an international scale. Thanks to modern warehouses and investments, we are ready for the challenges of the global logistics market” adds Katarzyna Zdybicka-Wójciak.

What development plans does Mastermedia have for the coming years? What is the short-term goal, and how do you see the longer-term prospects for the business?

“The example of recent years has shown that we are consistently pursuing our growth strategy. Over the past nine years, we have gone from a sales volume of EUR 30 million to a scale of more than EUR 290 million for 2023. Our development plans include further expansion, broadening the range of products on offer as well as logistical and digital development. We have a clear vision and strategy for continued growth. We are not dotting the I’s. We know that the only constant in life and business is change and we are not afraid to go beyond the pattern” concludes Paweł Wójciak.

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