Another development for the Warsaw region. Panattoni buys land near Piaseczno next to the junction connecting national road no. 7 to the S8 expressway

Tuesday, 24 January, 2023
Panattoni, the European industrial real estate market leader, meets the unwavering demand within the Warsaw region. The developer has purchased 4 ha of land and is soon to start construction on Panattoni Park Warsaw South III Piaseczno, where it will immediately develop the entire area of around 20,000 sqm. The development is being constructed near to the S7 expressway and the Janki junction - which joins the national road no. 7 and S8 expressway.
Listening to the market. In Q3 2022, the Warsaw region was the most attractive in the country in terms of demand for industrial warehouse space. Over this period, more than 320,000 sqm was leased. Panattoni is one of the reasons for the development of the area, having delivered a combined area of over 2 mln sqm and the company continues to see potential in particular for logistics operations. Over the last few months, the developer has signed a number of contracts including two large deals for developments in Radzymin with one being 50,000 sqm for Poczta Polska and the other 30,000 sqm for Esa Logistika. Moreover, Hart Logistics has started to use a building within Panattoni Park Pruszków and in April 2023 DTW Logistics will start using an area of 25,000 sqm for its operations in Panattoni Park Warsaw West.

A further development is to arise near Piaseczno, where Panattoni has purchased over 4 ha of land and where the developer will deliver Panattoni Park Warsaw South III Piaseczno with an area of 20,000 sqm. The construction work is to start in the coming months. The development is also to be equipped with a system to automatically read registration plates and an ESFR sprinkler system that meets NFPA standards.

“Despite high inflation and uncertain times for business, we are expecting continued high demand for industrial space from the logistics sector and this is being driven by the Warsaw market. To meet requirements, we are purchasing more land in strategic locations. Panattoni Park Warsaw South III Piaseczno will be a development with a lot of potential for both national and international operations. With its location near the Janki junction, it will have superb connections in all directions,” says Michał Samborski, the Development Director at Panattoni.

The location of Panattoni Park Warsaw South III Piaseczno near to the S7 and S8 expressways will allow for efficient transport to cities such as Gdańsk and Kraków as well as further on to Poland’s southern border and also to cities such as Białystok, Łódź and Wrocław.

The development is to come with a host of sustainable solutions that will allow it to qualify for a rating of ‘Excellent’ under BREEAM ecological certification. Tenants will have use of features such as water-tight sanitation fittings, daylight sensors for controlling outdoor lighting and intelligent energy management systems. Furthermore, the office interiors will be examined for natural lighting, acoustics and thermal comfort while the mechanical ventilation system will minimise the concentration of pollutants in the building with its high-standard filters.  Panattoni is also planting trees and bushes as well as flower meadows. It will also provide benches made from ecologically-friendly materials and homes for insects and invertebrates, birds and amphibians. Workers will have access to wide ranging cycling facilities, parking spaces reserved for car-sharing and electric vehicle charging stations.

Source: Panattoni

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