Profi S.A.

Friday, 14 October, 2022 Food From Poland 39/2022
Nowadays, when we’re all in a constant rush, using ready products and meals makes our life easier. And we do our best to make this life additionally tastier! Inspired by the growing need for using good quality products, we turn to simple ingredients and tastes which are well-known and well-liked across Poland and abroad. It is they – Polish and international dishes – who inspire us in our everyday culinary quests.
JemyJemy is a brand of delicious soups that you can prepare in a few minutes. Just pour them into a dish, heat them up and they are ready to eat – it’s so simple! The soups are made of carefully selected natural ingredients that we know from our kitchens in Polish and foreign homes.

Profi S.A.
3 Kolejowa Street
63-520 Grabów Nad Prosną, Poland
+48 62 732 12 50

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