Five crucial trends to dominate trade in 2022

Thursday, 03 February, 2022 Food From Poland 38/2022
New shopping habits that started developing in the spring of 2020 have visibly settled down in the landscape of the Polish retail trade. Concepts combining elements of traditional trade with e-commerce have taken the lead. Entrepreneurs have not turned their eyes away from high customer requirements and are looking for new ways to stand out among their competitors. What can and should they offer in the upcoming year?
#1 Artificial intelligence and machine learning in service of safety

From traditional bank outlets that test automatic advisors rather than shutting down, through advanced profiling algorithms and creditworthiness-assessing ones, to systems analyzing potential cybercrime in payments – 2022 will see even broader use of intelligent technologies by companies from the finance and e-commerce sectors.

#2 “Thick as thieves”, or know your customer

New payment methods, from virtual wallets through online payments to contactless card payments, accompany all kinds of shopping. Along with the maintenance and growth of this trend, retailers will have an ever-expanding amount of data about the habits of their customers. The crucial thing for traders is to identify the preferred payment methods of the buyers and to ensure that a whole range of them is offered, both online and offline.

#3 Green prosumers

Conscious shopping and care for environmental issues are aspects continually gaining on importance among consumers, also in Poland. For 62% of customers, the seller’s ethics (e.g. contribution to the development of local communities, or concern or active action for the sake of the natural environment) is currently much more important than it had been before the pandemic. Every business might have room for pro-ecological solutions, yet the commerce sector has unique conditions in this regard.

#4 Growing demand for flawless digital experiences

The companies that achieve the best results are those which consistently combine the physical world with the digital one. They allow their customers to smoothly move between many channels with no obstacles, using every opportunity to avoid “friction” in the shopping process.

#5 Apps and loyalty programmes

There has never been a time more important to building customer relations. 73% of consumers claim they will continue to choose companies they could rely upon during the pandemic. Nowadays, customers require highly customized experiences and expect the brands to provide recommendations based on their former choices.


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