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The Łaciate family extended with two lactose-free UHT milk

Tuesday, 28 January, 2020
Spółdzielnia Mleczarska Mlekpol in Grajewo introduced Łaciate lactose-free milk. For consumers who value traditional flavour and excellent milk quality, Mlekpol has prepared two products regarding Łaciate milk with a fat content of 1.5% and 3.2%. Łaciate lactose-free is wholesome milk, an excellent source of calcium and protein. Milk sugar contained in milk is decomposed, and the health-promoting properties of the product remain unchanged due to the use of lactase enzyme. The modern technology applied allows for preserving the natural colour of milk.Łaciate lactose-free milk is offered by Mlekpol in a 1 litre carton, whose colour designation is consistent with other lactose-free dairy products on the market.

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