“Herbapol-Lublin” S.A. places BIO products on the market

Tuesday, 30 April, 2019 Food From Poland 35/2019
“Herbapol-Lublin” S.A., one of the largest tea manufacturers in Poland and the leader of the fruit syrup segment, is introducing a line of ecological products to the market. The new goods hold a certificate issued by the Ekogwarancja PTRE sp. z o.o. certifying body. The distinctive “green leaf” confirming the high quality of goods that meet the requirements of ecological production standards will appear on all BIO products under the Herbapol brand. The first to reach the market are fruit syrups in two flavour variants: Malina BIO (raspberry) and Aronia BIO (chokeberry). The rich portfolio of the Herbapol brand is being increased with certified foods. The first fully ecological products of the category in which the brand is an unquestioned leader – BIO syrups in two flavours, fragrant raspberry and chokeberry – have already been put on the market. Their composition includes exclusively ecological fruit juice and ecological cane sugar. Fruit from certified ecologic farming have been used for production, and the products have received a quality certificate.

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