New plant processing milk and whey

Friday, 25 January, 2019 Food From Poland 34/2019
The Mlekpol Dairy Cooperative in Grajewo is one of the largest milk processors in Poland. Mlekpol consists of 12 processing plants with 2.5 thousand employees whose work allows the processing of over 5 million liters of milk per day. The huge interest in the Cooperative’s products on foreign markets influenced the investment decision in building a new plant, processing milk and whey into powdered products. The value of investment in Mrągowo is estimated at over EUR 100 million. The new plant will process about 3 million liters of milk and whey per day. The commencement of the powder plant is planned for the third quarter of this year, which will allow an increase in exports and introduce new products to the Cooperative’s rich portfolio - currently it has more than 400 products. New products to be offered by the Cooperative in 2019 will include UHT products as well as cheese and butter in new forms of presentation and weight. This year, Mlekpol will be present at the largest and most important industry events and food fairs around the world. Current and prospective business partners from Japan, Mexico, China, Korea and many European Union countries will be able to try the cooperative’s products and talk about the possibility of cooperation. Current information on Mlekpol’s participation in events and fairs is available on the Cooperative’s  website -

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