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Thursday, 24 January, 2019 Food From Poland 34/2019
Interview with Elżbieta Bąkiewicz, Export CEO, Bogutti
Which of your products are sales hits and where are you developing your sales most intensely now?

The BOGUTTI company was established in 2012, in response to the constantly growing exports of confectionery products and to the demand of Western markets for high-quality filled cookies, being a technological innovation at the time. Bogutti is primarily known for the Premium cookies: LA GUSTOSA, CHOCO GUTTI, and TWEETT, filled with semi-liquid cream and offered in many flavour variants. Natural creams containing chocolate, nuts, coffee and natural oils, as well as fruit fillings are used in the production of the cookies. Our target markets are the Western European countries and markets which are difficult to access due to quality requirements and high entry barriers. Currently, BOGUTTI serves more than 40 countries on four continents. Our products are exported to such European markets as Germany, France, Italy, the United Kingdom, Ireland, Spain, Sweden, Hungary, Romania, Ukraine, as well as the Russian market, South Africa, Nigeria, China, Korea, and the USA.

Moreover, Bogutti is a well-known producer of KRÓWKA, fudge made of cream and butter according to a traditional Polish recipe. Our fudge also enjoys popularity in Arab countries, such as Yemen, Iraq or Saudi Arabia, but it can also be found on shelves in India, Bangladesh and South Africa. There should be no wonder that exports currently account for more than 60% of the company’s turnover.

What makes Bogutti stand out against the competitors?

Filled cookies offered by Bogutti require advanced technologies, specialized production lines, as well as a strongly developed R&D department. Therefore, the Premium lines are hard to copy. Bogutti is constantly improving the production process, ensuring the application of the most modern solutions in order to achieve the unique advantages of our cookies.

A challenge to our company was to create products which could be chosen by all consumers, regardless of their place of residence, legal regulations or religion. Therefore, our products contain no preservatives or genetically modified ingredients, natural creams are used instead of aromatized ones, along with vegetable and non-trans-fat oils as well as natural colourants. We are aware of the strong competition on the market, so we try to be more flexible than any other large company and to provide better customer service.

What are the greatest export challenges for confectionery producers?

In the upcoming years, the rivalry in the confectionery industry should be expected to grow due to consolidation and development of enterprises. Of special interest is the domination of several leaders. Unrestricted access to information, open markets, new nutritional habits have resulted in customers having their own opinions on products and buying them consciously. Consumers are increasingly careful in choosing products containing preservatives and additives. Pursuit of a sustainable lifestyle and a healthy diet are what directs the consumer behaviour. One should build competitive advantage based on new technologies, functionality of products, and product innovation; expand geographical markets, search for alternative customer access, and build a strong distribution network. Bogutti is constantly observing competitive forces in the industry, flexibly adapting its own offer to the market trends. We try to avoid direct price war.

What are your latest products?

Consumers tend to choose healthy products containing natural ingredients, treating cookies not just as sweets but as snacks. We’ve noticed strong development of functional categories, such as breakfast cookies, sugar-free cookies or protein cookies. There is an increase in popularity of smaller, convenient on-the-go packaging enabling quick consumption (e.g. in a car or at work) because it is easy to use and saves the consumer’s time. Keeping up with new market trends, Bogutti has marketed CHOCO-FIT cookies, baked on the basis of six cereals, containing oat flakes and enriched with fibre as well as magnesium. The cookies are available in 135g packages or in 40g single packages. Our offer has also been enriched by a wide range of SUGAR-FREE cookies, including 135g cookies under the FREE brand with an addition of chocolate, butter or cranberries. 

How do you assess the last 12 months of activity and what are your plans for the upcoming year?

Our sales are developing at a very dynamic pace. We consistently implement the assumed strategy and steadily develop our machinery. For the last 12 months, we have recorded more than 20% growth in sales. The company is constantly working on the reinforcement of its international position. We have received a distinction from the Ambassador of Polish Food Exports for international promotion of foodstuffs in exports. Next year, we plan to maintain the current growth rate with innovative products and new markets, primarily on the niche market of functional cookies. We would like to invite you to see our stand at the ISM Fair where we will have the pleasure to present our products.

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