Interview with Joanna Gąsiorowska, President of the Management Board - Rarytas Sp. z o.o.

Tuesday, 30 January, 2018 Food From Poland 30/2018
What was 2017 like for the Rarytas Company? Please, give us a brief summary.

Outlining 2017 briefly, I can say that it was a year of further changes in our company, meaning changes for the better! They are connected with a grant we received for the development of our business within the framework of Intelligent Development from European Funds.The new production hall with a warehouse is ready. At present began the assembly stage with a state-of-the-art production line. We are creating a new Rarytas. Our goal is also to make these changes go unnoticed by our partners. These whole process runs smoothly with a normal, current production. I can tell more we ended the last year with an increase in sales compared to 2016.

Cakes, biscuits, crackers, biscuits with cream filling - the offer of Rarytas is diverse. What novelties, and in which categories, have already appeared, or shall appear soon?

At present, our developmental strategy focuses in particular on salty snacks, so we have novelties in this segment of our products. In 2017 we released the totally new line of crackers the Feria Crackers in 4 tastes : the first crackers with dried tomatoes and oregano,the second crackers are with garlic and pepper, third the crakcers with provance herbs and fourth taste are the crackers with sea salt and rosemary. All these products we packed in a delicate and convenious to serve trays in 100 g net weight packaging with beautiful design. They are available in Polish market and in Scandinavian, Romanian,Spanish and Maltese market as well.

Pro-health trends in consumer choices include also the market of sweets and snacks. Please tell us something about the products with the Zdrowy Rarytas [Healthy Rarytas] logo.

“Zdrowy Rarytas” is our project which tries to meet our consumers’ needs, as well as trends which are starting to appear on the market of salty snacks. Under the mentioned project, our company created a totally new technology of cake production, it is registered and it is subject to application for patent. Products bearing the Zdrowy Rarytas logo give information to consumers that these cakes contain minimum quantity of acrylamides, fatty saturated acids, glycidol esters and 3 MCPD, that is substances not wanted in our diet because of their carcinogenicity. These are substances whose presence in our daily diet is unavoidable, e.g. they are present in roasted coffee or doughnuts, or chips, etc. But we can radically cut down on those substances and that’s the goal of the products bearing the Zdrowy Rarytas logo. Until recently, the EFSA standards has been a recommendation for products in our category. Since January this year the EFSA standards has become a regulation that precisely determines what amounts of acrylamide and other of substances may contain a food products available for sale. The Rarytas company is one of the few that meets these standards thanks to the consistent policy of the modern development of our manufactory.

Which foreign markets are the most open to Polish sweets and snacks? Which products from the Rarytas’ portfolio are enjoyed the best by foreign consumers?

By cooperating with large store chains “we are present” almost in all Europe under private label brands of those stores. Cakes and biscuits with our logo are available almost everywhere in the world, in Surinam, China, or closer, e.g. our biscuits with cream filling are available in Algeria. As far as European markets are concerned, traditionally our products are available among others in Spain, Czech Republic, Italy, Latvia and Hungary. Preferences regarding tastes are as different as cuisines which are characteristic for a given country, that is why our offer is so diverse both in taste and in shape. However, it seems that everywhere the most popular is the classic cracker, slightly salty, obviously included in our offer.

What are the export goals of the company for the coming years?

As always, our plans are very ambitious. We will try to strengthen our position on the markets where we are already present. Our main goal is to improve sales to our neighbour, close not only in its location, meaning Germany. We are counting on increased sales through the company Lecker Snack GmbH, whose products can already be seen on their stand no B 085 Hall 11.2 . We also want to ‘open up’ to French market .and increase sales even more in the Scandinavian countries and Spain. Feel free to visit us during the ISM 2018 Fair, Hall 11.1 stand D 26. Welcome!!! Moreover I wish to all visitors and exhibitors a successful and fruitful trade fair.

Thank you for the interview
Monika Górka

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