Interview with Maciej Wójcik, Vice President of the Board, Traditional Trade Sales Director at ZPC Śnieżka

Tuesday, 30 January, 2018 Food From Poland 30/2018
In 2017, the limited liability company was transformed into a joint-stock company. Please tell more about the company’s restructuring.

The 70-year history of Śnieżka is characterized by different periods in terms of its market position. Assessing Śnieżka’s history from today’s perspective, one can be tempted to make a certain personification, giving it respect for what the factory experienced and that it was able to survive many difficult periods during those 70 years. Effective ownership transformations over the last 7 years have led, above all, to stabilizing the company’s capital and, consequently, setting a uniform direction for its development. In 2017, we transformed the limited liability company into a joint-stock company. In the years 2010-2017, the consistent restructuring process is slowly bringing the expected stabilization of the distribution market. This is the effect of maintaining, contrary to ubiquitous practices, high quality products manufactured by us as well as expanding the range - adequately to market expectations.

Which foreign expansion directions are the most promising for ZPC Śnieżka?

The process of entering into international market began less than a few years ago. However, effective actions and long-term effort on market require not only financial commitment with hardly predicted maneuverability, but above all awareness of laborious work from scratch.

By placing products on the markets including in Germany, Romania, Slovakia, USA and China, we develop an assortment for these markets, strengthening and diversifying our market position. We export our traditional products to the Polish communities, encouraging to celebrate our sweet Polish tradition.

How does participation in international fairs affects the development of the company?

Pro-export activities, of which all trade and presentation formulas are an essential element, require both a significant financial commitment and a coherent concept, both product and marketing, more specific to the expectations of the diverse consumer market. Participation in international fairs is a final form and, in a way, verifying whether our perception of the directions of product development and if the product meets the acceptance of the market. Therefore, the acquisition of potential new customers as well as the monitoring of global trends and the exchange of experiences are important values affecting our pro-export activities, which are at least taken from participation in international fairs.

How can you briefly describe ZPC Śnieżka and its products?

ZPC Śnieżka S.A. started its activity in 1946 as the “Chocolate Factory” based in Świebodzice. In this period, the first products of the company appeared under the name “Michałki®”, which for 70 years have been the strongest brand of the Company, recognized by the majority of Polish consumers. “Michałki®” product family is effectively developed by the company ZPC Śnieżka S.A. Śnieżka’s brands “Michałki®” and “Michałki z Hanki®” are firmly rooted in the consciousness of subsequent generations both in Lower Silesia, where they are an important element of tradition as well as throughout Poland.

Due to the long-term functioning of Śnieżka, a wide range of our products accompanies Polish consumers for decades. The current trend of returning to tradition restores attractiveness of the products, constituting an interesting element of our portfolio. Along with the legacy of old recipes, we have also preserved traditional production methods that allow us to recreate the flavors of candies from many years ago. This gave an unexpected effect to the expectations of the current consumer, who is becoming a more and more conscious and demanding. It is an interesting period in which tradition has the same strong attractiveness as innovation and modernity. This is how our current motto TRADITION TASTE MODERNITY came into being.

Michałki is the strongest brand in your portfolio for years. Are you planning to introduce new products in the future?

Michałki from Śnieżka are firmly rooted in the awareness of our consumers not only in the country, but also abroad. Based on the strongest brands “Michałki®” and “Michałki z Hanki®”, Śnieżka expanded the range with a new product segment, the so-called impulsive buys. The company is constantly expanding it by producing chocolate bars and wafers in various flavors based on our brands.

The company, also wishing to reach the youngest customers, entered the market with licensed products, of which it is both a producer and a distributor. We are also on Polish and foreign shelves with seasonal products (Easter, Halloween Christmas) which are refreshed every year.

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