Private label

  • Commentary - Carrefour Polska

    Poniedziałek, 12 czerwca 2017

    It is estimated that approximately a third of the products in Poland are created for private labels of trade chains. This means that in comparison with such countries as Spain or Switzerland, where this ratio amounts to 50%, the Polish private label market shows a potential for growth. Further development of private labels in our country is affected by changing consumer trends. Customers have... Read more »

  • The primary advantage of a private label is that it enables both the manufacturer and the brand owner to build their image as providers of quality and affordable goods, and to promote their brand identity on the domestic and foreign markets. Read more »

  • Maria Andrzej Faliński, General Manager of POHiD

    Poniedziałek, 22 czerwca 2015

    Private label goods are enjoying success around the world, somehow following the steps of the concentration processes of markets and competitive battles, assuming good price and high quality. Private label, competing in terms of price, ceases to be a synonym of absolutely lower prices – these are good value products in all price positions: from economy to premium. This is the case both in... Read more »

  • Press Office of Jeronimo Martins Polska S.A

    Poniedziałek, 22 czerwca 2015

    Initially, private labels were treated as “cheap alternatives” for brands. For many years this stereotype has not been reflected in the offer of Biedronka. Collective effort made with the producers in the development of private labels, their quality, packaging and positioning, resulted in customers often treating private labels as brands. Read more »

  • Michał Sikora, Tesco Polska Press Officer

    Poniedziałek, 22 czerwca 2015

    Today, as many as 97% of customers in Poland willingly buy private label products. As many as 83% of them appreciate the low price of the products, while 64% of customers mentioned the good price / quality relationship. Therefore, there is no wonder that private label products constitute such an important category for all retail chains. Read more »

  • The report entitled “How we perceive private labels – private label development perspectives in Poland”*, prepared by the On Board Group with participation of experts from the National Chamber of Commerce, Polish Chamber of Commerce and research company SW Research, answers the question of what private labels mean today. We analyse their social perception. The results of the report... Read more »

  • The subject of private labels still gives rise to various emotions, both among producers and commercial networks. In your opinion, will private labels continue to develop this dynamically in Poland? Read more »

  • Polish private label products enjoy a strong position both on domestic as well as overseas markets. According to forecasts this strong position will become even stronger with each year. A great opportunity for expansion of Polish private label products overseas is participating in the PLMA trade fair, held in Amsterdam each year. The high quality of Polish products and flexibility in... Read more »

  • Polish Private Labels abroad

    Sobota, 24 maja 2014

    Throughout last years Brand Products offered by Polish manufacturers have been enjoying a great success not only on the domestic market, but also among foreign consumers. This trend progresses today, therefore it is essential to know remarkable offer of Polish products. Read more »

  • Poland tastes good!

    Sobota, 24 maja 2014

    Some time ago basic products were the only type of products sent overseas by Polish manufacturers, mainly cereal and fruits. Today everything looks different. Read more »

  • Getting along with private label

    Sobota, 24 maja 2014

    Maria Andrzej Faliński, General Director, Polish Organization of Commerce and Distribution (POHiD) Read more »