Polish products

  • Kucharek Universal Seasoning

    Piątek, 25 stycznia 2019

    Thanks to Kucharek’s Universal vegetable seasoning, preparing dishes has never been quicker or easier. It is the perfect base for many dishes and an irreplaceable supplement that emphasizes the taste of meals in the home. Read more »

  • Polish cucumbers

    Piątek, 25 stycznia 2019

    In response to consumers’ needs the Smak brand offers a varied range of cucumbers. You can choose pickled mini cornichons or the bigger ones – pickled and sour cucumbers. You will find different tastes and sizes. Read more »

  • Milcasa

    Piątek, 25 stycznia 2019

    Milcasa is a milk brand from the MLEKPOL’s portfolio dedicated to foreign customers that stands for UHT milk of the highest quality – a natural full value food product with an exceptionally creamy flavour. Milcasa milk comes from cows grazed on the cleanest Polish meadows, located in areas not contaminated with heavy industry. Not without a reason the Polish regions of Podlasie, Warmia and... Read more »

  • Mozarella

    Piątek, 25 stycznia 2019

    Italian flavour, Polish milk. Made of the highest quality milk from cows grazed on meadows located in the Polish regions not contaminated with heavy industry. Excellent Mozarella cheese offered in the form of chips – perfect for pizza, pasta and casseroles. Being an excellent source of calcium and protein, it also provides a wealth of valuable vitamins and minerals. Read more »


    Piątek, 25 stycznia 2019

    Vitalpol company offers polish orgin beans like: large white beans (35-55 pcs/100 g), medium white beans (85-140 pcs/100g), dark red kidney beans (190-210 pcs/100 g), “Igolomska” white kidney beans (280-320 pcs/100 g). The beans sizes are approximate and in every season available bean sizes may be different. Some beans types can be calibrated to different sizes according to customer needs. Read more »

  • Addressing consumer trend for smaller portions in snacks we introduce MINI’s range for Sesame Snaps and Halva. Great choice for healthier and delicious snacking options. Our products are made from roasted sesame seeds that are naturally rich in protein, iron, fiber, magnesium and calcium. Additionally, both sesame snaps are halva are gluten free. The range of different flavours is available. Read more »

  • Corn wafers

    Piątek, 25 stycznia 2019

    Corn wafers are healthy, crispy, light and delicious. This kind of wafers is low in calories and have full of natural ingredients source of fiberan. Corn wafer are free sugar and gluten in 100%. This is low-fat snack very crunchy and health. Read more »


    Piątek, 25 stycznia 2019

    Potato wafers are shortbread, crispy and delicious! A surprising combination of lightness and potato flavor enclosed in a small triangular wafer. A great snack for every moment of the day. Read more »

  • New packaging and new taste. Discover our refreshed version of dragees in delicious chocolate, gluten free, six products in one line – raisins, peanuts, cranberries and almonds covered various type of chocolate, additionaly mixed. Would you like to taste it? Which flavour are you going to start with? Read more »

  • We present our new products from the AMARESTI line, served in elegant packaging. MIX OF CRANNBERRIES WITH POMEGRANATE JUICE IN FOUR TYPE OF CHOCOLATE dark, milk, white and ruby. Ruby is a new type of chocolate with a slightly pink color which was created from ruby cocoa beans. MIX OF HEZALNUTS IN WHITE AND COFFEE, DARK AND MILK CHOCOLATE. Simply perfect as a gift! Read more »

  • Makarony Polskie

    Piątek, 25 stycznia 2019

    Our wholegrain pasta is a perfect proposition for people who care about their daily diet. For all our customers we offer spelt, buckwheat and rye pasta. Read more »

  • "Tradycyjnie Wedzone"

    Piątek, 25 stycznia 2019

    “Tradycyjnie Wedzone” is our top premium brand. The characteristic feature of this brand is traditional smoking on real alder-beech wood. Due to selected high quality meat and proper spices it was possible to create absolutetly unique products. Read more »

  • Veroni active Natural Energy drink

    Piątek, 25 stycznia 2019

    Veroni active Natural Energy drink is an energy drink with natural ingredients available in 400 ml bottles. The aromas and juices it contains give it an intensely fruity flavor and guarana and natural caffeine provide you with the energy you need to be active. Veroni active Natural Energy Drink contains 140mg of natural caffeine obtained from guarana and green coffee beans. Read more »

  • Veroni active Isotonic

    Piątek, 25 stycznia 2019

    Veroni active Isotonic is drink based on natural mineral water. Thanks to the osmolality of 300 mOsm/kg, perfectly hydrates the organism, by providing minerals and electrolytes lost during physical exercises. Thanks to the proper amount of nutrients, minerals and vitamins such as B3, B5, B6 and E, effectively delays the felling of fatigueduring exercises. Read more »

  • Mini Cake

    Piątek, 25 stycznia 2019

    Dr Gerard Mini Cake is a delicious cookie made of two soft and fluffy sponges, filled with delicate cream and fruit jelly, coated with glaze. It is available in various flavours and formats of packaging: impulse, family packs and bulk. Mini Cake is part of wider range of Dr Gerard’s fancy sponge biscuits. Read more »

  • Magic

    Piątek, 25 stycznia 2019

    Dr Gerard Magic is a unique sandwich biscuit made of 3 crispy biscuits and two layers of delicious cream. It is available in four different flavours and various formats of packaging: impulse, family packs and bulk. Magic is an iconic product of wide Dr Gerard sandwich biscuits range. Read more »

  • The Only Such – Michałki®

    Piątek, 25 stycznia 2019

    Probably everyone knows these chocolate sweets with peanuts - the strongest brand of the company is present on the market for over 70 years. High quality of ingredients and production based on traditional recipes are undoubted factors for the success of this product on the market. Read more »

  • Crunchy, aromatic sandwich cookies layered with peanut cream will recall memories of the taste of legendary and well-known chocolate sweets. The Only Such cakes will certainly gain appreciation among snack lovers. Read more »

  • Good Ingredients is a unique concept under the Wawel brand, based on simple composition in product recipes and natural ingredients of highest quality. All Wawel products now have a clean label – no colours, artificial flavours, GMO and less palm oil. The producer has become an expert in the field of sweet recipes without additives in Poland. This unique project, appreciated by the consumers... Read more »

  • Wawel has expanded its portfolio and implemented a new category – fruit gummies – by Dragon Gummies brand. They are dedicated for everyone and wonderfully soft. The new product is available in 4 varieties (fruity, yoghurt, juicy and sour) in various funny dragon shapes. Innovative packaging with push-pop type is standing and convenient for product sharing. Dragon Gummies are with fruit... Read more »

  • CHOCOLA! Dark chocolate 60% cocoa & Mango

    Piątek, 25 stycznia 2019

    Dark chocolate is excellent snack even without any additives. However, toppings in the form of light yellow pieces of mango finely contrast with smooth, dark chocolate. Citrus aroma and crispy fruits underline taste of the chocolate and give freshness and unique character. Read more »

  • CHOCOLA! Milk chocolate & Strawberry

    Piątek, 25 stycznia 2019

    Chocolate with addition of freeze-dried and sliced strawberries. Fruits are presented in the form of topping on the top of the chocolate what gives nice taste and distinct aroma and also makes chocolate attractive and original. Read more »


    Piątek, 25 stycznia 2019

    These new double-layered world famous desserts hidden in great quality chocolate pralines are just toothsome. Glamourous and cute packaging is almost as sweet as pralines inside the box. Its offbeat look and unique flavour inspired by trendy sweets is truly eye-catching. Chic boxes are appreciated by those consumers who value packaging design matching their style and home interiors. Great idea... Read more »


    Piątek, 25 stycznia 2019

    Cherry Passion is a perfect way to express love, gratitude, friendship or apologies and simply make the day of our beloved ones even sweeter. This delicious fusion of cherries in liqueur hidden in fine chocolate is not only tasty, chic and lovable - it is a beautifully wrapped gift, ready to be presented right from the store to your special someone. Elegant, decorative packaging contains... Read more »

  • Choco threesome

    Piątek, 25 stycznia 2019

    Exceptional coconut team. Do you want to stay fit and healthy? Try out our unique, finest and premium quality sweetmeats. They are healthy and delicious with a cocoa flavor. Only with natural ingredients. Read more »

  • Grześki Chocolate Bar

    Piątek, 25 stycznia 2019

    So bite into the world of Grześki and enjoy. Read more »


    Piątek, 25 stycznia 2019

    FREE – No added sugar Cookies. There is absolutely no added sugar in Free Cookies. Really good and simple cookies, inspired by family traditional home recipe. They are a great alternative for breakfast, can be also serve as a snack at school or work. You can choose from the following flavours, Butter Cookies with 20% Butter, Cookies with 20% Chocolate, Chocolate & Cranberry or Chocolate &... Read more »

  • Lemonade Drop’s – it’s one of recencies in the assortment of the producer. The product includes bottle-shaped candies, lemonade- flavoured in 3 colours: yellow, orange, pink, filled with fizzing powder. Attractive package with transparent wrap exhibits the higher quality of the article. The product is packed in a 90g bag, 1 kg bag and 2,5 kg box. Read more »