Polish FMCG market

  • poultry – on the rise

    Środa, 17 października 2018

    Polish poultry trade flourishes at home and abroad. Statistically, consumption of poultry meat among Poles reached 30.5 kg per person in 2017. Read more »

  • Since Poland’s accession to the European Union, exports of Polish agri-food products have been systematically growing, achieving a new record size each year. In 2017, food worth EUR 27.3 billion was exported. In comparison with 2016, this means an increase of 12%. Read more »

  • Polish food exports are on the rise

    Poniedziałek, 23 kwietnia 2018

    Since 2010, the value of exports of Polish agri-food products have been steadily increasing, and in 2017 they reached EUR 27.3 billion, which is 12.3% more than in the previous year. The balance of foreign trade in this commodity group is also improving – as we read in the report of the National Centre for Agricultural Support – the value of the balance sheet over the last 7 years has more... Read more »

  • Confectionery – exports, foreign markets, trends

    Poniedziałek, 29 stycznia 2018

    Polish confectionery exports are still developing, as evidenced by good sales results. Analysis of the recent years showed growth in deliveries abroad of goods qualified as confectionery1, and exports thereof between January and September 2017 rose by 1.2% in relation to the analogous period of the previous year. As in the previous years, the main buyer of confectionery was the European... Read more »

  • Polish agri-food export summary

    Poniedziałek, 29 stycznia 2018

    The initial data of the Eurostat indicate another record in exports of Polish foods being broken last year. Over nine months in 2017, foreign sales of the agri-food industry comprised products worth approx. EUR 20 billion, which is as much as 13% more on an annual basis. Depending on the sales in the fourth quarter, the value of food exports for the entire year may reach between EUR 26.7... Read more »

  • 2017 was another record-breaking year for Polish food manufacturers. The export value of domestic foodstuffs exceeded EUR 27 billion, which clearly shows they have been appreciated on international markets. The recipients of Polish food already includes more than 70 countries worldwide, although our main trade partners are the states of the European Union (above 81% of exports), including... Read more »

  • The quality and tradition of Polish confectionery

    Poniedziałek, 29 stycznia 2018

    Poland exports a lot of confectionery for a reason – we have known for many years how to manufacture quality confectionery and we care about its high quality. Besides cold cuts, it is our trademark abroad. The production of Polish sweets is backed by many years of tradition. We have our own, typically Polish delicacies that cannot be found in other countries, and they arouse the interest of... Read more »

  • Value of polish confectionery market

    Poniedziałek, 29 stycznia 2018

    According to data by Nielsen, the value of the confectionery and snacks market, including savoury snacks and ice cream, exceeds PLN 17 billion. As for the confectionery (chocolate products, cakes and pastry), we manufacture more than 700,000 tons annually. In addition to the internal market, the production of sweets in Poland is mainly driven by exports. This is the driving force and the... Read more »

  • Polish foreign trade

    Poniedziałek, 09 października 2017

    The first half of 2016 saw a low dynamics in Polish foreign trade. A low growth rate of exports in relation to previous years, combined with a minimal decrease in imports, yielded a very significant growth of the trade surplus in goods. Exports grew by 2.1% to € 90.46 billion, and imports dropped by 0.2% to € 86.27 billion. As a result, the surplus in total foreign trade grew by 92%, to €... Read more »

  • The data of the Agricultural Market Agency show that since 2003, exports of agri-food products have increased sixfold, and we have systematically achieved a considerable surplus over imports in trade in these products, exceeding EUR 7 billion annually. For several years, the share of exports of agri-food products in the total value of exports has exceeded 13%, whereas it was less than 9% at the... Read more »

  • Despite dislikes and reservations from our southern and eastern neighbours, the export of Polish food is systematically on the rise. This is by no means a matter of competitive prices alone, but a result of hard work performed by the manufacturers over the recent years, as well as the technological progress that has taken place in factories. Read more »

  • Polish food brands are not afraid to compete abroad Read more »

  • For many years, Polish products have been present on trade chain shelves worldwide. Polish exports are thriving – since 2000, the turnover of Polish foreign trade has increased as much as tenfold. Thanks to good long-term cooperation of foreign chains with Polish producers, exports of Polish products to foreign trade chains reached the value of PLN 10 billion. Such a satisfactory result is... Read more »

  • Polish tastes – why are they being sought abroad?

    Poniedziałek, 02 października 2017

    Boundaries between countries are open now like never before, travelling is becoming increasingly simple and popular. We discover different cultures and tastes easily, not just from culinary books but trying them with our own palate. Restaurants from different parts of the world are mushrooming in Poland, attracting many curious customers. But what about Polish food abroad? Read more »

  • Polish foreign trade in sweets market

    Piątek, 27 stycznia 2017

    Sweets (confectionery products, containing and not containing cocoa – CN codes 1806 and 1704), were the most valuable items in both exports and imports of sugar and confectionery products. Their exports grew noticeably in 2015, by 10.2% to 369.2 thousand tons, and their value increased even more dynamically, by 12.3% to € 1626.7 million. At the same time, imports grew by 10.9% to 208.3... Read more »

  • Exports of Polish food products

    Piątek, 07 października 2016

    Since Poland’s accession to the European Union in 2004, exports of food and agricultural commodities increased by almost 360 percent. In 2015, foreign sales of food products reached 23.9 billion euros and was 9.2 percent higher than the year before. Last year’s record was achieved despite the Russian embargo, introduced in August 2014, on the main food products from the European Union,... Read more »

  • The dynamic growth in Polish exports is a fact, and obviously a welcome one. Polish producers, who previously concentrated on provision of raw materials and unprocessed products or on contract production for private labels of foreign contractors, have now gained the necessary experience for further development of exports. Unfortunately, considering a longer time perspective, competition on... Read more »

  • Polish foreign trade in all commodities

    Piątek, 07 października 2016

    The year 2015 saw a high dynamics of Polish foreign trade. A high growth rate of exports, combined with a much lower increase dynamics of imports, resulted in a considerable trade surplus in goods. Export grew by 7.8% to € 178.7 billion, and import by 3.9% to € 175 billion. As a result, after a decade of deficit in total foreign trade, a surplus of € 3.7 billion appeared, compared to a... Read more »

  • Private labels in Poland

    Poniedziałek, 06 czerwca 2016

    In 2014, the value of sales of private label products in Poland reached PLN 50 billion, accounting for a share of above 17% in the sales of FMCG. For several years, the annual dynamics of sales of private labels has been 18-22%. Read more »

  • Polish foreign trade

    Poniedziałek, 06 czerwca 2016

    2014 showed a high exchange dynamics in the Polish foreign trade. A distinct decrease in the pace of exports, combined with a strong growth of imports, resulted in quite a dynamic increase in the goods trade deficit. Read more »

  • Market commentary

    Wtorek, 26 stycznia 2016

    When it comes to export, the chocolate - confectionary industry is one of the most dynamic industries in the food sector in Poland. Polish producers have enormous possibilities for export. It is worth noting that for a few years now, chocolate-confectionary products are ranked at 1stplace, in terms of value in the export of highly processed food, thereby making them a hit in the export market. Read more »

  • Polish sweets market 2014

    Wtorek, 26 stycznia 2016

    The export of confectionary from Poland is growing. To this group of products, we should include: confectionaries, which do not include cocoa, chocolate and products which include cocoa, as well as pastry, cakes, biscuits and wafers. This group has got a significant position in the Polish export of agriculture and food products. Read more »

  • Polish consumer preferences

    Wtorek, 26 stycznia 2016

    3.5 kg – this is how much sweets an average Pole consumes within a year. More than €3,25 billion – this is the value of the Polish confectionery market. Over 70% of this value is export. Polish sweets are exported to more than 60 countries worldwide. Read more »

  • Polish trade in commodities

    Piątek, 16 października 2015
  • Polish foreign trade

    Piątek, 16 października 2015

    2014 showed a high exchange dynamics in the Polish foreign trade. A distinct decrease in the pace of exports, combined with a strong growth of imports, resulted in quite a dynamic increase in the goods trade deficit. Read more »

  • Millano - private label

    Czwartek, 26 marca 2015

    In order to meet the needs and expectations of our customers, Millano has expanded its assortment with a broad range of own brand products. Read more »

  • Polish sweets market 2013

    Wtorek, 24 lutego 2015

    An analysis of selected issues and trends in the Polish production and foreign trade of confectionery products for 2013. (FAMMU/FAPA) Foreign Agricultural Markets Monitoring Unit – April 2014. Read more »

  • According to the Central Office of Statistics in Poland (GUS), in 2013, the growth rate in Polish GDP rose at an average of 1.7%. Like in 2012, the main determinant of economic growth was external demand. Inflation measured using the CPI Index was 0.9% y/y. The fastest growth rate was in the price of alcoholic drinks and tobacco products. An appreciation of the zloty, in relation to both the... Read more »

  • Quality in the era of market globalization

    Piątek, 24 października 2014

    There is no doubt that Polish companies compete using high quality products. Meeting the specified EU standards and possessing quality certificates significantly influences sales in export products. Read more »

  • Let's talk about trade fairs...

    Piątek, 24 października 2014

    The possibility to promote products in the international arena is undoubtedly, an important element in every business that counts on exports. During the 2014 SIAL Paris trade exhibition, polish firms are looking for possibilities in trade talks and to establish new contacts. Why are products coming from the country on the Vistula river enjoying popularity in the international markets?... Read more »