“Pszczółka” Candy Factory conquers the United Arab Emirates!

Friday, 25 January, 2019 Food From Poland 34/2019
The “Pszczółka” Candy Factory has signed a contract to supply a large batch of sweets with a distributor from the United Arab Emirates. The execution of this contract means tripling of exports and doubling of the total turnover of the company. As soon as January 2019, the first candies will reach Dubai to be available in the largest supermarket chain.
The contract covers supply of the entire assortment of the Lublin factory, with special emphasis to chocolate products: pralines including chocolate Sympatia, chocolate Fantazja, jelly Tęczowe, strawberry Pychałki, Coffee Amo caramels and the Mieszanka Imieninowa candy mix.

“The sales potential for sweets in the Middle East is unlimited. Poland still sells relatively few of them. This is all the more our great success. Dubai is a business hub allowing companies that think of expansion to the Middle East, South Asia and Africa to save time and money. The basic barrier of entry to these markets is the lack of possibilities to promote such products. The “Pszczółka” Candy Factory was noticed and recognized by Dubai FDI, a government agenda at the Dubai Department of Economic Development. Dubai FDI will support all of our activities in the region. In February, our factory will be visited by the CEO of the Dubai FDI government agenda, Fahad Al Gergawi,” says Robert Rudnicki, President of the Board of the “Pszczółka” Candy Factory.

The first container will set off for Dubai as early as January. The candies of “Pszczółka” will reach the largest supermarket chain in the UAE.

“Pszczółka” sells its products to more than 20 countries worldwide.  The main recipients are Slovakia, Azerbaijan, Lithuania, Hungary and Germany.  Moreover, the company sells its products to the USA, Sweden, Romania, Mongolia, Cyprus, the Czech Republic, Jordan, Russia. Beside the Middle East, advanced negotiations are currently in progress concerning new outlets, e.g. Kazakhstan.

In the autumn of 2018, the “Pszczółka” Candy Factory received the title of the Ambassador of Polish Food Exports at the Congress of Food Exports.

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