Tough year for Brazilian beef? Doesn't look so

Friday, 11 January, 2019
The South American country reported beef exports of 1.354 thousand tonnes.
Brazil has set a new record in beef exports reaching a total of 1.354 thousand tonnes in 2018. The record occurred even in a year of corn crop break (grain feed animals account for ~30% of the slaughter).
China was the main destination for Brazilian beef exports, with 322,000 tonnes, followed by Hong Kong (277,000) and Egypt (171,000). Top 10 markets for beef export also include countries such as Chile (114,000), Iran (84,000), Saudi Arabia (41,900), UAE (35,500), Italy (28,800), Philippines (26,500) and Libany (18,200). The rest of the world accounts for 233,200 tonnes in last year's Brazilian beef exports. The total exceeded the previous year figures by 148,000 tonnes.


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