Maxima Grupė is strengthening positions in Poland and starting merger of Stokrotka and Aldik retail chains

Thursday, 19 July, 2018
Maxima Grupė is starting the process of retail chains Stokrotka and Aldik in Poland integration. Aldik, which was acquired by the company in 2012, will be integrated into Stokrotka. Earlier this year, Maxima Grupė acquired Emperia Holding S.A. that operates Polish retail chain Stokrotka. The integration of both companies is planned to be completed this autumn.
After the merger, the retail chain will operate under the unified brand of Stokrotka. After the integration and opening of new stores, Stokrotka will own 563 stores by the end of this year.

"Merging these two retail chains is part of our strategy in Poland. It will allow us strengthen Maxima Grupė's position and implement further expansion plans in this market. The merger will bring together experience and knowledge of both companies, allow seek synergies and exploit economies of scale," said Dalius Misiūnas, the Chairman of the Board and CEO of Maxima Grupė.

According to him, the merger will take place under the name of Stokrotka as it is a well-known and liked brand by customers. Retail chain Stokrotka has approximately 20 percent of Poland’s market for near-home stores.

By the end of 2017, retail chain Stokrotka owned 437 stores, had more than 8 thousand employees and its turnover amounted to EUR 597 million. In 2017, Aldik’s year on year turnover grew by 9 percent and reached EUR 52 million, the retail chain owned 30 stores and had more than 700 employees.

Emperia Holding S.A. acquisition deal value amounted to more than EUR 284 million. According to the company, after the completion of this deal Maxima Grupė has become the largest Lithuanian capital investor in Poland.

Maxima Grupė also runs retail chains Maxima (in the Baltic States), T-Market (Bulgaria) and food e-store Barbora operating in Lithuania and Latvia. In 2017, Maxima Grupė’s year on year turnover grew by 4.2 percent and reached EUR 2.806 billion.
Maxima Grupė belongs to Vilniaus Prekyba company group - one of the largest retail companies in the Baltic States and the Central and Eastern European region.

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