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Zakład Mięsny „ZBYSZKO” Zbigniew Kruk

Monday, 09 October, 2017
ZBYSZKO has been present on the market for many years, boasting of its profound knowledge of the required production standards and how to apply them. This allows great scope in the possibilities in terms of the range of possible products. However, the brand philosophy and contact with retail and wholesale clients, maintained for many years, has never allowed it to move far from the high standards it set for itself in the very beginning. ZBYSZKO slaughterhouse specializes in beef and pork meat production on the other hand ZBYSZKO meat processing plant producing mainly pork and beef cold cuts. IFS, BRC and HACCP system used in new facility guarantee safety of or products.
Zakład Mięsny „ZBYSZKO” Zbigniew Kruk
Slaughterhouse and Meat Processing Plant
9 Słowiańska Street, Bedoń Wieś
95-020 Andrespol, Poland
Phone: +48 608 438 820

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