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Bifix W. Piasecki Sp.J

Monday, 09 October, 2017
Polish producer of fruit and herbal teas and jams
Bifix is a family company producing fruit and herbal teas from its own plantations for 25 years. The company has the largest offer on the market selling black, green, red and white tea as well. From 2010 Bifix opened a laboratory, so the quality and taste are under constant research.

Company offers all possibilities of tea packaging as well as own products. Bifix produce brands for the largest suppliers in the world. Since two years the company has expanded, being also a producer of jams and concentrates. In addition, Bifix’s offer includes fruit raw materials, ready-to-mix fruit and dried fruit.

Bifix W. Piasecki Sp.J
Górki Małe
33 Dworska Street
95-080 Tuszyn ,Poland
Phone: +48 42 614 40 88
Fax: +48 42 614 41 20

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