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Sertop Sp. z o.o.

Monday, 12 June, 2017
The company SERTOP is one of the leading manufacturers of processed cheese on the Polish market.
The company has more than fifty-year tradition of producing high quality products based on proven recipes while maintaining strict quality control. For the production are used only natural ingredients, it does not apply any preservatives and colorings.

SERTOP offer includes more than 20 flavors of processed cheese in a variety of formats, such: round boxes 140 g and 280 g, cubes 100 g and 30 g, blocks 100 g and 100 g sausages.

SERTOP company meets all the requirements for the sale of processed cheese on the Polish and foreign markets. SERTOP sells its products to the Polish market and the markets of the European Union and the United States, Canada, countries of the Middle East, South Korea.

The company is certified BRC Global Standard Certificate and IFS (International Food Standard).

Sertop Sp. z o.o.
58 Przemysłowa Street
43-100 Tychy
Phone: +48 32 217 08 38
+48 32 326 46 41

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