EUROHANSA Sp. z.o.o.

Monday, 13 June, 2016 Food From Poland 25/2016
Company EUROHANSA Sp. z.o.o. Polish confectionery manufacturer is producing their specialties since 1989. Acting for 2006 as Agrohansa Torun, for more than twenty years of our existence we have managed to gain recognition and trust of large numbers of small and large consumers, and to cooperate with the majority of the leading distributors and retail chains in Poland. We work based on their own, original and innovative recipes, we are able to meet the requirements of each customer.
EUROHANSA plant in Pulawy is a producer of delicious chocolate covered dried fruits: raisins, peanut and hazelnuts, almonds and plums. Our Chocolate covered raisins in a chocolate dessert in 2007 was awarded the emblem of quality consumer contest "The Best in Poland". This title fully reflects the excellent taste and quality. One of our flagship products are cereal bars - Fruit Active Fit-Frutti.

In order to meet the fashion for healthy eating, we were the first manufacturer in Poland muesli bars.

Based on cereals and fruit, which provide energy, including honey and lecithin, are especially recommended for children, young people and those leading active lifestyles. Our experience and attention to quality has been recognized also in this category of products and from May 2010 as a whole group of bars Frutti bears the emblem of honor "Best in Poland". We also offer in chocolate bars, stones and a whole range of dragees in different flavors. Our customers can also offer products under their own brands. We are confident that if you already reach out to one of our products, we certainly would turn to the next.

"EUROHANSA" Sp. z o.o.
24-100 Puławy, ul. Wiślana 3
phone: +48 81 887 44 14,
            +48 81 887 81 79


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