Monday, 13 June, 2016 Food From Poland 25/2016
SERTOP Ltd. has been in existence for over fifty years, and is one of the largest manufacturers of a number of processed cheeses in Poland. The company has implemented an integrated system for the production and sale of processed cheese that fulfils the requirements of HACCP. The company holds the BRC Global Standard Certificate and the IFS (International Food Standard) Certificate. It is also authorised to export goods to the EU.
A well proven manufacturing technology, traditional recipes, the best raw materials and strict control at each production stage guarantee high product quality. The products do not contain preservatives and have an exceptional and refined flavour obtained by using only natural additives. Cheese is rich in easily assimilated proteins, mineral salts, vitamins and microelements.

Sertop distributes its products through most of retail chains in Poland, and exports processed cheese to over than 21 countries, e.g.: USA, Canada, Israel, Czech republic, Germany, Bulgaria.


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