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In 1931, in a small Danish town, a talented baker decided to fulfill his dream by starting a business that would produce delicious pastries which can bring back childhood memories. This ambitious baker, Jens Eskildsen, was sharing his passion and love for baking to others so that they can, in the comfort of their homes, enjoy the unique taste of fresh pastries. Jens Eskildsen is well aware that not everyone has the time and conditions to create homemade pastries. So In 1959, the company moved its headquarters from a small town Simmelkjaer to the dynamic city of Give and started the business to an industrial scale, and this was a great decision.
Over the years, Dan Cake products come to be more popular and successful, and the company has become a leading manufacturer of sponge cakes and roulades in Scandinavia. Dan Cake has then decided to be represented outside its borders. After a few years, they discovered a company from Chrzanow, Dahlia Kuchen Polonia, founded in 1992, that was also leading in the baking industry in Poland.

Both companies decided to join forces in 2004 under a new entity - Dan Cake Polonia. Since then, it has continued baking delicious sponge cakes, maintaining proven traditional family recipes from Eskildsen. So to this day, Dan Cake products have been the favourite of all sweet lovers

The basis of success by Dan Cake is a continuous development, and the company continues to expand its range of new products. Currently, the range of products offered by Dan Cake on the Polish market in particular include: baked goods, delicious toasted breads, rolls and cakes, muffins, croissants,sponge cakes, waffles and much, much more.

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