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Friday, 29 January, 2016 Food From Poland 24/2016
According to a saying that Śnieżka is like a good wine – it gets better the older it gets, after 65 years in business our sweets still delight with their taste and the highest quality. Our recipes unchanged for years and, at the same time, an increasingly modern machine production line combined with preservation of the highest standards of production processes, allow us to claim with all responsibility that our sweets are a combination of responsibility and a true creative passion of marvellous taste.
The company has been cooperating with recipients both using the traditional and the modern channels. To reach even the smallest sales venues the company conducts direct sales based on vanselling. Development of export allows us to deliver our products to consumers outside the borders of Poland and even outside Europe and enrapture them with their lovely, Polish taste.

Śnieżka is equipped with a HACCP food health safety system and since January 2012 it has also held an IFS certificate. We are an active member of the POLBISCO Association of Polish Producers of Chocolate Products and Confectionery. There we have our representatives in the Legislative Commission and the Advertising Commission. What makes us different is that we don't use any preservative agents or genetically modified raw materials in our production. The dyes and The aromas we use are natural. The "cuverture" chocolate used to cover our sweets contains cocoa butter without any external fats.

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