Colian LTD

Thursday, 28 January, 2016 Food From Poland 24/2016
We are a group of confectionery products cooperating under: Jutrzenka, Goplana, Solidarność and other brands.
Aggregated experiences, technologies and production potentials let us achieve a position of one of the biggest confectionery producers on the polish market. We are constantly exploring our client's needs, keep high quality, unique taste and nutrition values of offered products.

Through participation in various development programs, effective creation of product categories and efficient service we want to be perceived as an innovative company and an effective partner for many years. We build our customers' trust through our consistency and reliability.

Contact us:
Zdrojowa Street 1
62-860 Opatowek, Poland
phone: (+48) 62 590 33 00
fax: (+48) 62 590 33 10

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