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Thursday, 28 January, 2016 Food From Poland 24/2016
Vobro’s Confectionery Factory was founded in 1986 in Poland. Vobro’s mission is to fully satisfy Customers’ needs by producing high quality and safe confectionary products that are a recommendation in themselves.
The high quality of Vobro;s products, competitive prices, and efficient distribution are its competitive advantages. Vobro’s customers appreciate not only the flavor but also the attractive and flexible packaging. As a result Vobro’s confectionary is more and more frequently chosen not only by Polish, but also by international customers. Vobro’’s product range is made up of over 100 chocolate confectionery products and 30 varieties of baked goods. Vobro is well known for its high quality chocolate boxes, chocolates, chocolate sweets, wafers and bakery products. Among Vobro’s best sellers are dessert chocolates filled with cherries in liqueur, perfectly ripe flawless cherries are selected, bathed in liqueur and packed in luxurious dark chocolate. The chocolates are sold in gift boxes “Love&Cherry”,”Wiśnie w likierze”and “Cherry Roses”. Vobro  is also well known for its unique chocolate seashells Frutti di Mare, filled with four delicious flavors: toffee, nut, milk and cocoa, all packed in one beautiful chocolate box which will satisfy even the most demanding chocolate lover.

Contact us:
Podgorna Street 78
87-300 Brodnica, Poland
phone: (+48) 56 493 28 51

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