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Thursday, 28 January, 2016 Food From Poland 24/2016
When it comes to export, the chocolate - confectionary industry is one of the most dynamic industries in the food sector in Poland. Polish producers have enormous possibilities for export. It is worth noting that for a few years now, chocolate-confectionary products are ranked at 1stplace, in terms of value in the export of highly processed food, thereby making them a hit in the export market.
Currently, the value of the confectionary market is estimated to be approximately 13 billion PLN. Export was estimated to more than 1 billion EUR, around 1/3 of production. Polish confectionary is exported to more than 60 countries worldwide. Approximately 70% of export is designated for EU markets and the rest is delivered to countries like: USA, Canada, China, India, Saudi Arabia, Israel, Turkey or Russia.

Every year, the value of Polish confectionery export is increasing. In the years, 2009-2012, growth in export was around 50%. In addition, there was an increase in the value of exports in years 2013 and 2014, in comparison to the previous year. This increase in the value of exports is estimated to be several percent from year to year.

We estimate that in 2015, the export of chocolate, candies and cookies will increase again, as the first three quarters were very successful. From January till end of September 2015, the value of export was approximately 13% more for chocolate and products made from cocoa, as compared to the analogical period in 2014. During the same period, the value of foreign sales of other confectionary, including white chocolate increased by approximately 11%.   

For years, chocolate products have had the largest share in exports, in terms of both quantity and value of confectionary.

Regardless of the fact that a major share of the Polish export is delivered to EU markets, for the last two years, we have been competing on the Chinese market and focusing on Middle East countries.  These markets have the potential for high growth. In 2014, sales of confectionary to China increased by almost 14 times and exceeded 60 million Euro. In 2015, we are expecting to improve this result.

Our producers perfectly assessed the situation that the local market has certain stagnation and the best solution is to search for customers abroad. Hence, there is such a high interest in developing exports.

Furthermore, especially in the chocolate sector, we have excellent products and outstanding technologies. We are not conquering only by price but mostly by providing high quality.

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