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Tuesday, 27 October, 2015 Food From Poland 23/2015
The PILOT Company was founded in 2000. Nine years later it took part in the ANUGA fair for the first time. At present, the company holds a strong position in the FMCG market and is constantly developing. More information on our business can be found on our web-site: www.puh-pilot.com. This year once again we are meeting with our customers on a covered market. In order to use this time fully, we would like to introduce our leaders to you. These are the people who constantly develop our team, set high standards in customer relations and make sure that each customer feels our professionalism and commitment.
Bez_nazwy_5.jpgPaweł Kubiak – The Company’s President and founder
A visionary who is not afraid of risks, in particular business risks.
In private, a fan of water sports and fast cars. His passion is backpacking. Apart from Europe he has toured around Eastern Asia, starting from China, Burma, Laos to Malaysia, India, North and South America. At present, his new travel direction is Africa. He loves adrenaline and adventure. At work he is always smiling, he likes to joke. Everybody asks him for advice, both in personal and professional matters, and he gives it with pleasure.

Bez_nazwy_7.jpgPiotr Kubiak – Food Import & Export Director

At work – demanding, fully professional. His customers are the most serious businessmen from all over the world. His favourite reply to any problems are the words: 'No problem'. Privately, a keen sailor. If there is no contact with him, he surely went sailing on sea. His dream is to sail around the world in his own sailing ship, and on his own, for which he has been preparing for years. He loves peace and calmness which he finds in the Mazury Lake District.

Bez_nazwy_3.jpgMarta Boguszewska – Import & Export Deputy Director

The first woman among the Company’s leaders. She can perfectly use her resourcefulness and creativity in building a strong team and a strong position on the market. Energetic and joyous are the   features that best describe Marta. Committed to work, but above all to people, employees and friends all in one. In everyday life – a sports fan, she has been practising kick-boxing for years, she swims on a wake and snowboards perfectly. She loves Norway, she truly rests there, hiking on mountain trails.

Bez_nazwy_1.jpgMagdalena Malczyk – Piotr Kubiak’s Assistant

They form a perfect duo, complementing each other. Professional service, broad knowledge, and a smile on her face, portray her image. Privately, she runs the ‘SOS Dalmatians’ Foundation. Thanks to her, many dogs have got their second chance for a better life. Totally dedicated to her work in the company and in the foundation.

Bez_nazwy_2.jpgMarcin Jarzębski – NON FOOD Department Director

Always online, available to his customers and co-workers. He has created and is consistently developing the non food department where women are predominant which is a big challenge. In love with mountains and climbing. A lot of his free time is spent trekking in the Polish Tatry and on climbing.

Bez_nazwy_6.jpgAgnieszka Brzezińska – Logistics Director

Logistics Director. She chooses sub-contractors in respect of road and sea transport. She takes care of the safety and quality of processing orders. She is the person customers contact to get information on a planned date of delivery or loading. Open to customers' needs, professional, consistent in her operation. She spends  her private time travelling, usually with the latest edition of an interior design magazine.
She is always willing to help her friends in arranging or rearranging their interiors. She likes good wine, dreams of travelling the European vineyard trail.

Bez_nazwy_4.jpgMarta Truszkowska – Export Manager in the Food Department

Always smiling and committed to her work with passion. Customers like to work with her because apart from being professional, she simply likes them. In private life she is very keen on fitness and healthy food. She motivates others to take sports challenges. Totally dedicated to her friends and family.
She infects everybody with her optimism. It is hard to be serious around Marta.  She can get out of any difficult situation using a joke or riposte.


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