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Tuesday, 27 October, 2015 Food From Poland 23/2015
Mokate creates a fully integrated group of 9 companies, with 6 located outside the country. On the Polish side: Mokate Sp. z o. o. in Żory, Mokate S.A. in Ustroń and FPUH. And outside the country: Mokate Czech Republic, Timex (in the Czech Republic), Marila (in the Czech Republic), Mokate Slovakia, Mokate Hungary and Mokate Ukraine. The turnover of the group has exceeded half a billion zlotys, exports have a 57% share it its sales. Mokate products are sold in places like China, Arabic countries, Africa. Mokate remains an absolute leader in the cappuccino market; it holds the second place in the domestic tea market. Mokate’s offer includes whole bean and ground coffees, manufactured in a modern roasting plant in the acquired Czech company Marila. Another Mokate product can be found on the shops' top shelves - Global coffee. Intermediate products strengthen their position in foreign markets, for example, cappuccino ingredients are supplied to Italian manufacturers. This way, a product made in Żory is a part of the market which is a traditional „homeland” of cappuccino. In total, the group has 1 500 employees hired in all enterprises. The company is making new investments. New storage facilities are being raised in Ustroń, and another production hall is being constructed in Żory, on a 3.5 ha lot adjacent to the existing plant.


The rapid development of MOKATE's export business dates back to 1995, when the company's new plant in Ustroń provided increased production capacity. Further investments enabled us to expand the range of exported products. Since 2000 we have enjoyed double-figure growth in exports, and they currently account for almost 70% of the company’s total sales (in the first quarter of 2006).

There are several particular features of MOKATE’s export activity which are worth looking at:

1.   Focus on Central and Eastern European markets, where it is strongly supported by local affiliates: MOKATE Internationale in the Czech Republic, DUKAT and TIMEX also in the Czech Republic, MOKATE Internationale in Slovakia and Hungary, MOKATE UKRAINA in Kiev, and the MOKATE Branch in Moscow.

2.   Ongoing geographical expansion through close cooperation with wholesalers and commercial agencies throughout the world. The result of this cooperation is that MOKATE products are now sold on every continent, in a total of 65 countries.

3.   Cooperation with international retail chains, enabling the company to enter foreign markets, largely in the own brands category.

4.   Development of sales of ingredients for the food industry, mainly for instant products. These ingredients are whiteners and frothers produced in two modern plants in Ustroń and Żory, among the largest in Europe. These products are dealt with by a separate organizational structure within MOKATE, called the Food Ingredients Business Unit. Over the past two years this category of MOKATE products has achieved the highest rates of growth in export sales.

The export business is overseen by the MOKATE Export Department, and in the case of food ingredients by the Food Ingredients Business Unit.

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