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Friday, 23 October, 2015 Food From Poland 23/2015
“Makarony Polskie S.A.” is one of the leading and dynamically growing pasta producers in Poland, with long tradition and reach experience. The registered seat of the Company is located in Rzeszów, whereas the production plants are in Rzeszów and Czestochowa.
Making our best to satisfy our Customers’ expectations, we offer a wide variety of pasta, manufactured with or without eggs, such as: spirals, elbows, threads, shells, spaghetti, ribbons, etc. For our production only the highest quality flour is used, made from carefully selected durum and standard wheat.
The offer of the “Makarony Polskie S.A.” includes different types of pasta intended for different consumer groups. There are some types of pasta for those buyers who are first looking for a high quality, which will guarantee the preparation of a successful meal, but also for modern and innovative products, which will allow for a diversification and experiments in the kitchen (Sorenti).

There are also the types of pasta which cater for the traditional tastes of Polish consumers, who appreciate the traditional recipe for tender pasta, whose quality is stable and repeatable (Makaron Staropolski). “Makarony Polskie S.A”. also offer some pasta types in the economy sector, i.e. for those buyers, for whom a low price is the most important criterion while buying a product (Solare).
The activities of the Company also include the production of the pasta commissioned by the sales networks and hypermarkets. The buyers of our products include: AUCHAN, BIEDRONKA (JERONIMO MARTINS), CARREFOUR, CHATA POLSKA, EKO HOLDING, E.LECLERC, INTERMARCHE, KAUFLAND,LIDL, MAKRO, NETTO, REAL, TESCO.

Our manufacturing process is based on the  modern production lines. The modern TAS technology enables us to obtain very high drying temperatures, which guarantees a very good quality and microbiological purity of the pasta. Also, it makes it possible to extend the expiry dates.

To ensure the highest quality and the best taste of our pasta, both the raw materials and the completed products undergo detailed tests in our in-house laboratory. The production process conforms to the requirements of an ISO and HACCP Integrated Quality Management System, whereas each production stage is supervised by our Quality Inspection Department.

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