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Friday, 23 October, 2015 Food From Poland 23/2015
ROS-SWEET® has been active on foodstuffs wholesale market since 1996. The company changed it’s legal status in April 2006 and has been operating as ROS-SWEET® Sp. z o.o. since then. We are a direct importer and distributor of the best quality nuts & fruit.
One of the company’s strategic principles is raw materials procurement directly from the selected producers in Poland and abroad. It allows us to keep our offer competitive.

Thanks to the constant development and extending the range of the offered products we gained the stable position on nuts, seeds and dried fruit markets. The most important items out of these assortment groups are: walnuts, poppy seeds, linseeds, pumpkin seeds. We offer seasonally other products also: pulses, herbs, fresh and frozen fruit and vegetables. Many items can be offered in both qualities: conventional and organic.

Our offer is addressed to bakeries, confectioneries, retail packers, manufacturing and trading companies. Besides polish ones we have many customers in western Europe, south-eastern Europe, Baltic countries, Russia.

ROS-SWEET significantly enhanced storage and products processing possibilities in year 2010 thanks to extending the warehouses’ area up to 4200 m².

Investing in modern machinery the company acquires advanced processing lines for cleaning, drying and sorting of raw materials, e.g. seeds. It enables to guarantee the best purity and uniform, competitive quality of the offered products.

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