Andrzej Rutkowski Managing Director of Perła – Browary Lubelskie S.A.

Tuesday, 20 October, 2015 Food From Poland 23/2015
What things determine the popularity of Polish beer abroad?

The times, when the demand for Polish beer was almost only created by interest of our fellow countrymen staying abroad, are over. Obviously, Poles are still faithful to their favourite Polish brands but more and more often Polish beer is consumed by foreigners. Polish beer is becoming increasingly recognizable and highly valued by consumers worldwide. This is caused, above all, by its perfect taste and high quality achieved thanks to natural ingredients and unique recipes. I am glad that among the brands of beer from Poland with regularly increasing export, include PERŁA - a flag brand of the Lublin Brewery.

The range of export is wide. Apart from European markets, Perła is also available among others in Australia or Zambia.  How important is export for the company?

At present, our beer is exported to European countries such as: Great Britain, the Netherlands, Spain, Greece and Ireland. An important role is played by the distribution of the products of Perła - Browary Lubelskie S.A. in the United States. We regularly send our beer also to other continents - to Australia, Asia and South America. Despite the fact that export is not fundamental to our business, it is an important tool for the expansion of our customer base and it is conducive to a more complete usage of our production capacity. Moreover, in the case of sales to countries which are a popular direction of economic emigration, it allows to maintain contact with the brand and keep up the loyalty of our consumers who decided to leave Poland.

Are you planning to discover new export markets in the near future?

Perła – Browary Lubelskie S.A. promotes the Perła brand by taking part in more  fairs, economic missions and trade exhibitions worldwide. The presence of our company in such events gives notable benefits – consumers have a chance to get to know the taste of our beer and compare it with products offered by our competition, and for us it is a perfect opportunity to establish cooperation with new distributors - a cooperation which may result in the availability of Lublin beer in countries where it was not available earlier.

Last year we probably set a record in the export of Polish beer. Until November Polish breweries sent abroad 2.7 million hl, while in the entire 2013 it was 2.6 million hl. The beer market is still very competitive which results in many innovations. What is new in the portfolio of Perła – Browary Lubelskie?

In our company’s portfolio you can find representatives of many beer sorts and styles. We have honey beers, unpasteurized beers, unfiltered beers, bock beers, Baltic Porter, Witbier, Rauchbier or Whisky Stout. Not all are available in a wide distribution – for example, some  are brewed only for our company's Beer Pubs. Despite changes, new trends, the Polish beer market is still dominated by the traditional lagers. And this is the sort of beer which is in the lead in the portfolio of Perła – Browary Lubelskie S.A. Traditional lagers are both Perła Chmielowa – lager brewed from excellent Lublin hop with a characteristic bitter taste and light hops aroma, and Perła Export - more delicate, refreshing, particularly valued by young consumers. Both these flag products of the Lublin Brewery are also available abroad.

Thank you. Tomasz Panczyk, Editor-In-Chief

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