Tomasz Grzybowski, President of Board, Delicpol.

Tuesday, 24 February, 2015 Food From Poland 21/2015
On achievements in 2014, export expansion and production area development with Tomasz Grzybowski, President of Board, Delicpol.

Could you please summarise what 2014 was like, both on the domestic and international market...

2014 was a relatively good year for our company – we managed to increase production by several hundred tons of products. This results were mostly from our export activities – due to the acquisition of new customers and the commencement of sales on new markets, the export sales increased by over 10%.

What is the current export range of the company, is there any export expansion projected for 2015?

The products of the Capital Group Delicpol SA are currently available in almost 50 countries. Our main sales markets include Europe and North America. In the years to come we plan expansion in Asia (both central as well as the far east) and in Africa.

What is the current offer of Delicpol, will the product portfolio be expanded this year?

Our portfolio consists of several product range groups: the main products include jelly stuffed biscuits in chocolate, dry biscuits, ginger bread cookies and dry cookies. This year we will expand the group’s offer with highly processed cookies – they will include various types of cookies with additions and stuffed cookies.

What products receive special recognition on the foreign markets, do the preferences of customers differ from the national tendencies?

Due to the fact that we conduct sales to countries located in our geographic latitude, we encounter similar tastes and habits. Therefore, the greatest recognition in Europe (similarly to Poland) is given to jelly stuffed biscuits in chocolate. It is, however, important to note that in the west of Europe customer awareness and their expectations regarding the product increase faster than in Poland. This is manifested, among other things, by the growing segment of specific group dedicated products, where the customers expect, for instance, gluten-free or sugar-free products.

What investment activities, regarding development or introduction of new products, have been recently undertaken by Delicpol and what are planned for 2015?

Last year we completed the expansion of our plant, connected not only with increasing the production area, but also with improving the production standards and product safety. For this purpose we built, among other things, a modern raw material warehouse. We also increased our production capacity, which will allow us to meet the increasing expectations of the customers, both in terms of volume and flexibility of production as well as its increasing quality.

Thank you.
Monika Dawiec

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