An interview with Elżbieta Bąkiewicz, Export Sales Manager at Bogutti Ltd.

Friday, 30 January, 2015 Food From Poland 21/2015
What was 2014 like for Bogutti?
In the first three quarters of 2014, the total Polish export increased by over 5 per cent year on year, exceeding the dynamics reached both in 2012 and 2013. We noted an increase in export sales also in our company and its percentage rate exceeded the national average. 2014 consisted of months full of hard working days which, on the one hand, strengthened the position of Bogutti Ltd and, on the other, opened new development possibilities which - I hope - will bring profit in the incoming future. It was also a time of strong expansion into new export markets. Bogutti Ltd successfully presented its products at the Trade Fairs in China, United Arab Emirates, Russia and many European Countries. The increase in sales forced investments in the storage and amenity back-up facilities, we also made investments in modern packing systems. Last year we managed to strengthen the company’s brand, develop a strong corporate pillar and open our commercial offices in several Western Europe countries. We also refined the products we offer, both in terms of quality and taste as well as packaging and price. Today, we can look into the coming future with optimism and confidently await for the success of the projects we have been consistently implementing.

And the main assumptions for 2015 are...

As projected by the main Coface economist, 2015 in Central Europe will be a period of stable economic growth. If the economic recovery in the euro zone gains a faster pace and we use the conducive exchange rate of the PLN, this will be reflected in better projections for Polish entrepreneurs. We will benefit not only on maintaining stable domestic demand, but also on the higher dynamics of export orders.
Two extreme categories are developing the fastest – the private label and the premium product segments. Therefore, Bogutti relies on increasingly better products in terms of quality, reaching increasingly richer markets. We are planning to introduce several new products in 2015, mainly pro-health ones. We will also offer several products for diabetics.
We want to focus on the development of the strong Bogutti brand. I believe today we are an equal competitor for the Western European manufacturers in terms of quality, aesthetics of the packaging and price.

What products from the Bogutti’s offer are the best sellers outside our country? What is the range of Bogutti’s export?

Bogutti Ltd. offers both traditional cookies, Butter Cookies - type based on home-made recipes, oat cookies with dried fruit – ChocoFit as well as Premium cookies:
La Gustosa 150g – cookies based on an Italian recipe, stuffed with velvet cream,
Choco Gutti 160g – crisp cookies with chocolate drops or double-coloured cookies TweeTT 150g.
The sales dynamics of the given group depends on the target market as well as the sales period. However, we can definitely say that cookies stuffed with semi-liquid chocolate and nut cream as well as the American Cookies type receive great popularity. The export products are sold to many European countries, also outside the EU.

Cream fudge is something for the Polish to be proud of...

Cream fudges are still the most recognisable Polish “export” product. Bogutti is also a producer of the traditional Polish cream fudge recognisable on the international market. This delicacy is especially valued in the Arabic countries. We offer three types of cream fudge: MILK, CHOCOLATE and BUTTER. The secret of Bogutti’s cream fudge is its exceptional taste. It is obtained by means of properly selected ingredients and a production process refined over years. The consistency of the cream fudge results from the time of storage after production. Fresh cream fudge is chewy and with time, as a result of sugar crystallisation, becomes crispy on the outside. The sweet is made from milk, sugar and butter. The sweets are soft and chewy and their specific taste attracts customers from many EU and other countries. We like the familiar cream fudge, because its a taste from childhood. As long as the sweet delicacy can be bought, Poland will remain leader in the production of the best European sweets. We would like to invite you to try our products at the ISM Fairs.

Thank you for the interview.
Tomasz Pańczyk

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