On trends in 2014 and trade with foreign markets; we talk to Karolina Wolińska, Vice-President of ZPC Bałtyk.

Friday, 30 January, 2015 Food From Poland 21/2015
Currently, the sweets market is developing dynamically, has this reflected in the company’s situation? What were the trends and tendencies in 2014 in ZPC Bałtyk?
It is true that the sweets market is systematically developing in Poland, its value is estimated at a level of over 12.7 billion PLN. In comparison to Western European countries, where consumption of chocolate is almost three times higher, it still has quite a big development potential. It is estimated that the market value will have increased by ca. 14 billion PLN by 2018. This growth is driven mostly by export that has been developing exceptionally dynamically over the recent years, in 2013 its value increased by 15.6% in relation to the previous year.
The dynamics of market development obviously has had an influence on the situation of the Confectionery Plant (Zakłady Przemysłu Cukierniczego – ZPC) Bałtyk Sp. z o.o. as well as on the situation in the entire Bomilla-Bałtyk Group. We consider 2013 a very successful year. We increased sales on both domestic and foreign markets to a significant extent, we obtained several new key partners. 2014 brought a systematic increase in sales, resulting also from the implemented investments as well as organisational changes in the Sales Department. The export development dynamics has again surprised us. We are observing an increasing interest in our sweets on the markets that used to be unfamiliar to us. The interest regards not only products under our brand, but also products under private labels. In connection with the increasing interest in the “private label” production, we have gained great experience in this aspect. As it is well known, this production is specific. It is connected with the necessity of close cooperation with the brand owner as well as detailed familiarisation with his needs and expectations which, in consequence, frequently leads to the creation of a new product, meeting the taste and flavour preferences of the market to which the product is addressed, but it also has another very important value. It allows us to better understand the given market, its consumer needs and, last but not least, allows for a significant increase in the sales volume.

Which product from the ZPC Bałtyk range reaches the highest level of sales? Are the positions of product leaders the same in Poland and abroad?

ZPC Bałtyk has a very well developed product range, together with Bomilla we offer a broad range of products, from chocolate, chocolate sweets, pralines, jellies, liquor sweets, toffee, to various types of caramels, lolly pops and dragees. Despite such a broad product range, we are continuously looking for new inspiration and developing our offer. At the end of 2014, we introduced several new and very interesting products on the domestic market such as Fruet – chocolate sweets with a two-flavour filling, Trufle Kapitańskie and MR Toffee. Obviously, these products gained customer recognition and their sale is developing well, however I have to admit that the so-called classic products present in our offer “for years”, e.g. Fantazja Deserowa, Admirał, filled chocolate bars or Fantazja Mleczna, are the best sellers. The export situation is totally different. Here the dominant role is played by caramels, lolly pops, chocolate toffees and liquor sweets. In multiple cases, we have to adjust the flavours of our products to the demands of the market we sell them on, which most frequently regards caramels, lolly pops and liquor sweets. The flavours are sometimes so weird for us that their introduction into the Polish market is impossible.

What is the export situation of the ZPC Bałtyk sweets, what foreign markets are particularly interesting?

The export of ZPC Bałtyk sweets is still developing, the biggest market for us is the Scandinavian market. This results mainly from the history of our company, which is connected with Scandinavia. Over the years, we have gained vast experience, still translating into development. Apart from Scandinavia, our products are also sold to over 15 countries around the world, and to be honest, each of them is very interesting for us. We are a company open to cooperation, our production capacities provide us with great possibilities. At the end of 2014 we had many enquiries from Italy and Spain, we are currently developing these markets and we put a lot of hope in them. The first transports have already been dispatched and we are awaiting feedback from the market.

What actions and investments are planned for 2015? Will there be any product novelties on the market?

When it comes to novelties, then yes, there will be new products on the market, they have even appeared already. At the end of 2014 and at the turn of 2015, we introduced the chocolate sweets Fruet to the offer, combining two stuffing, yoghurt and fruit. Our Technology and Production Department worked pretty long to refine their flavour, which finally allowed us to introduce a perfect product on the market. Another novelty is Trufle Kapitańskie, also with an excellently composed flavour, which have already gained great recognition from customers and their sale is increasing very well.
That’s not all in terms of novelties. We have recently completed an investment that we planned several years ago and which was partly financed from Union funds it is a complete caramel production line, providing us with great product possibilities and production capacities.

In what manner are the sales of ZPC Bałtyk products supported?

We have introduced certain organisational changes in the Sales Department recently and it's starting to function quite well. Currently, our sales capacity effectively covers the entire territory of the country. Moreover, we attend fairs, both domestic and international. We also support the sales with advertising, mostly in trade press.

Thank you for interview.
Tomasz Pańczyk

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