An interview with Bartosz Głodowski, President of Board at Beer Fingers

Friday, 30 January, 2015 Food From Poland 21/2015
Beer Fingers has recently diversified its production of double fingers into two plants - in Małopolskie and Kujawsko-Pomorskie provinces. Is it your goal to resign from production outsourcing and build your own plant?
Personally, I am no expert in food production – I’m not a food technologist. By profession and passion, I’m a merchant and a certified business instructor and I specialise mostly in sales. Production outsourcing allows me to concentrate on the most important business elements in the contemporary times, i.e. the sales of products and services. I’ve properly secured our products prior to their introduction to the market, protecting their uniqueness in the Patent Office.
Own production requires an investement worth at least several million and I, personally, don’t have such assets.

For about a year, Beer Fingers are Double Fingers. Has the change of the product name resulted in the expected effects?

The change of the product name is an important, but not the only change in the activity of Beer Fingers. We’ve improved the quality of the products and we’re currently introducing a new bike distribution and promotion system. Double fingers bring luck and we want each consumer to find this out for themselves and have a possibility to purchase our products by phone or via the Internet.

You’ve been conducting your own distribution network for several months. Could you tell me more on the project of the bike delivery of your fingers?

It is an innovative project, providing the possibility to order a set of Double Fingers with delivery to any place. For now, the service is available only in Warsaw and Poznań. The customer buys 3 different packages for 5 PLN. The order is placed by phone or Internet.

The company used to export its products to Canada and the US, are you currently building a  foreign distribution?

We’re currently implementing the “Export Passport” subsidy and we will attend the International Trade Fair for Food in Germany and England. We are willing to enter into cooperation with contractors from various countries – the regular singular fingers are known around the world and Double Fingers, which bring luck, come only from Poland.

Which foreign markets are the most interesting for Beer Fingers?

Each foreign market is interesting for us due to the fact that Double Fingers are produced only in Poland, which provides us with immense export potential.

What was 2014 like for Beer Fingers?

2014 was very productive, full of new ideas and challenges the company will face in 2015. Using the opportunity of the interview, I’d like to wish lots of happiness and joy in 2015 to all the fans of Double Fingers and I’d like to invite you to participate in our contests.

Thank you.
Monika Dawiec

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